Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Antique Curio Cabinet aka Doll House!

I wanted to post pictures of the wonderful cabinet Jim bought for me at the antique show last weekend-and early anniversary present. It's really just a beautiful piece of furniture.I have been on the lookout for a cabinet that would make a good home for Annabelle and her friends. I wanted it in my tearoom and I didn't have much extra room, so I had this idea in my head for a cabinet of some sort. This one is just perfect and has a lovely door on it too! I would love to have a real doll house, but with limited space, I think this works out just fine.
I wish I knew more about the case...I have no idea what kind of wood it is made out of or the time period, but it really doesn't matter. I just like it!
Thanks so much to my dear husband.


ladychiara said...

What a lovely gift and I think it makes a perfect dolls home! An early Conratulations and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. :)

ladychiara said...

Ooops Congratulations even!

Jane said...

How neat you have a Hitty! I want one. That was one of my favorite books growing up.

Rosetta said...

Bella idea di fare una casa di bambole nel mobile!E' molto carino,baci,Rosetta

LaVonne said...

I love it, Linda! It really is perfect in every way....well, maybe not big enough! LOL! ;-)

Julie said...

I say only...Those are gorgeous with perfection way.
- Corner cabinet

Carrie said...

How fascinating to read about your cabinet doll house. I have been usung a couple bookcases to display my doll house miniatures.
It's been just about one year since I've been developing my interest in doll house miniatures. I even wanted to start a blog devoted to my mini interests. However, I have three blogs and that is quite enough for me right now!
Here is a link to some photos of what I've done so far:

Thanks for sharing,
Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage