Monday, April 4, 2011

JOY in the month of April

I was looking through my posts for January and saw that I'm looking for JOY this month with my crafting! Well, how can one be sad with the rain and lack of garden time if time is spent on crafting? I need to finish up my Tasha Tudor exchange goodies for Robin. Actually, I'm done with that, but like to remember my other friends with little treats. Most of us have an Easter Egg tree as Tasha Tudor had, so it's very fun to come up with an ornament for my friends to add to their tree. We started out mailing to all on the group, but it was too much for most of our members, so now we do a one on one exchange. I have a tree that only holds my Tasha ornaments and it's so fun to pull them out every year-good memories. Of course, Annabelle has to have an Easter tree too. Annabelle of MT sent her one a few years back.
So,I got out all my supplies and started working on my little remembrances for this year. Clarice at Storybook Woods actually came up with a very similar idea and posted a tutorial on her blog.
Here's some pix of the start of my JOYFUL crafting. I hope to finish them up today so I can get them posted soon.
Yes, it's another wet spring day and Jim is still sick.


Bee happy said...

Crafting looking good, can't wait to see finished creations :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Linda, these are going to be soo charming. I am glad we were on the same track xoxo Clarice