Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blarney Stones or Easter Cakes...

Every Easter our family makes Blarney Stones for Easter. A Blarney Stone is actually a cupcake that's frosted all around with icing and then rolled in coconut or chopped pecans. My grandmother Smith used to make green ones for St. Patrick's Day. She would bake a sheet cake and cut it up into squares. It was difficult to handle so my mom decided to bake cupcakes and we iced them with pastel icing for Easter. They look like Easter eggs actually.
Here's some pictures of the process. It's messy and takes some time to frost the cupcake on all sides, but they are worth the effort. I've make them in mini muffin pans for showers and they're really sweet. We originally used walnuts but now I like pecans better.
A lady who worked for us at one of our drug stores was from Australia. She told me that she made them with white frosting and coconut and called them Lambingtons.
I have to leave them uncovered for about 12 hours as they need to "dry" a bit. Here's the other funny thing...they have to be stored in individual little plastic baggies, the type that fold over so the air can get in a bit. NO Ziploc baggies!
Time for tea and a Blarney Stone? Yum.


Antiques And Teacups said...

What a cute idea...and tasty too! Great idea.

LaVonne said...

I'll be over!

Storybook Woods said...

There is your sweet kitchen. You know the girls would love these. I will show thhem xoxo Clarice