Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving dad...

I've spent most of the week cleaning out my family home, dad's home,
which has been enjoyed by our family for 50 years. Dad worked for the
Woolworth company, so we moved every two or two and a half years up and
down the West Coast until we settled in Portland, Oregon. Dad is neat
and organized, but oh, he saved all kinds of paperwork! There's boxes and boxes and drawers and drawers of the stuff!
It's been bitter sweet going through dad's processions. Lots of wonderful memories. I have been doing some research on mom's Noritake
china pattern...Sheldon. We want to keep her china in the family. We
don't have much from the past to remember those from our past.It's hard
to decide what to save and what to keep. An estate sale is all lined up
for the weekend of Aug 20-21. I'm anxious to get the house emptied out.
It's sad in many ways, but dad needs the income and we need to rent the
house as it's been empty for almost a year now.
I'm really tired tonight!

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