Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot today!

It was hot today 92! I did get the lawns mowed and I'm just finishing
watering in the backyard. I managed to get some weeding done and
planted a few replacement plants.
I have been saving my unused
coffee and have been making myself an iced coffee every afternoon as a
treat. I sat outside with my goodie and finished my book. I have been trying to read everyday and I am liking the habit.
I now have some small tomatoes on my plants, but who knows when I will see anything red?
I did go to the Troutdale farmer's market this morning. It's so small-I really don't know how the vendors make it.Picked up some raspberries, bing cherries, a veggie tamale
and a lemon woopie
pie! I have never had one and it was yummy. My New England friends talk
of them all the time. So,now I know that they are something to drool

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