Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Monday....

Well, the dreaded colonoscopy is over. I think I am done with medical tests for awhile. It has been such a year of it all. I try not to focus on it and am so thankful that the doctors have been able to keep me healthy. We shall see what the results of this test will be shortly. I have to admit that I am nervous.

My sweet daughter Gina left me a fun package to open when it was all over. She called it.."The Post Poo Pampering Package"! So fun.

It was filled with all kinds of fun good smelling things for ladies. New products for the old mama to try. I was so thrilled with all the goodies.

I came through the test just fine. The prep is barbaric as far as I am concerned. The drugs they give you during the test are great and you wake up refreshed. I did fine and am doing fine, until night time. So I guess I am one of the ones that it takes longer to bounce back...sigh. No sleep for the past two nights. I tried some different eating patterns today but if I have another night of tummy aches, I will call the doctor in the morning.

It's been so hot here. We hit another 90 degree day and the forest fires continue up the gorge from our home. People are still evacuated after a week. We have a lot of ash to still clean up on our cars, BBQ's, lawn's amazing. We finally saw blue sky on Saturday after a week of grey skies.
I feel so bad for people closer to the fire. Fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. It's been a difficult time for people. It warms your heart to hear of stories of people helping people.

Isn't it hard to believe that it's been 16 years since 911? A day will be always remember. 


Jane said...

So sorry you have to wait for your results. I think I was told immediately that everything was okay. I have a couple of tests now, since my mother and uncle died of colon cancer within a few months of each other and they want to stay on top of things. So nice of your daughter to pamper you a little.

mamasmercantile said...

You are blessed with a wonderful daughter, such a thoughtful gift after your procedure. Hope you get the results soon and that all is well.

Lady Jane said...

What a sweetie you have for a daughter. Good name for the pkg lol... Glad its over for you. I always hate having them. I have ulcerative colitis so I get them every two years. yuck... I like my new Doc. He keeps me pretty healthy with the meds he prescribed. And I haven't had to watch what I eat lately (I do be pretty good, though) not fun when I get a flair up. Will keep a good thought for your result. Hugs, LJ