Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dolly Thursday

Happy Dolly Thursday! Meet Miss Flora Erika, my newest dolly. She has a very interesting story! I absolutely love her and she turned out to be a darling.

Last month, when I went up north for our Pacific NW Tasha Tudor Society gathering, Joyce took us over to her neighbor Erika's house. Erika was selling some of her dolls and I fell in love with this German Armand Marseilla Floradora doll. Her arms needed to be repaired. Erika had new arms but never repaired the doll. She was selling her at quite a bargain price and of course, I had to buy her.

The next day, we went to the Bellevue Doll Show in WA. I bought a headless doll because she had a lovely dress that I was sure would fit my new little lady. Little did I realize that this doll had the wire and the two metal tabs that I needed to fix my doll! I have never seen a doll with this type of arm. What are the chances that this body had the parts that I needed? WOW!

The arms just needed to have a tiny hole punched in the leather and attached to the body with a wire and secured with little metal button like tabs.

I used my quilting tool to make the holes in the arms and I used my little jewelry making tools to bend the wire.

Her she is with her new arms! Yes, i know she is not 100% original, but I am ok with that.

Here's a good look at the little metal button like tabs.

She has a very sweet face with an open mouth and tiny teeth.

She is looking better with her chemise top on now...more like a little dolly lady.

The two piece dress is amazing. When I ironed it, I really got a good look at the workmanship. Lots of very well done parts and stitches.

Isn't she looking fine? I think she looks like a school teacher. I named her Flora Erika....Flora for her Floradona name and Erika for the lady who sold her to me.

She has her books on her lap!.

I took over the posting reminder on my Tasha Tudor Take Peace FB page today for my friend Suzanne. It will be my job to set up Dolly Thursday every week now. I chose this photo today to introduce Dolly Thursday. Since it is September, i thought this was so darling and perfect for the day.

PS....I had a pain free good night's sleep last night! Thankful, very thankful.


Lady Jane said...

Flora Erika is just beautiful!!! I so love the vintage dolls. They have so much appeal and were so well made. I have never seen arms put on this way. I have to restring my Ginny doll and I keep procrastinating. Enjoy your beautiful doll. I am glad you had a pain free night. I watch my hubby in his pain and my heart goes out to you. Hugs, LJ

Szara Sowa said...

Flora Erika is really beautiful and well kept. Wonderfully you managed with the renovation, the effect is astonishing. I fell in love with this doll, but at us, this kind of dolls are terribly expensive. I wish you good health very much.

mamasmercantile said...

Flora Erika was a joy to visit today, she is adorable. I was thrilled to hear that you have had a good nights sleep, long may that last.

The Victorian Girl said...

What a great job you did! It's a very satisfying feeling knowing that you have restored such a gem by yourself.
Susan Kellam (aka The Victorian Girl)

Bernideen said...

Wow - that is an impressive repair! She is so darling!