Friday, November 11, 2016

The Leaves are falling!

We have had a very lovely fall week here in Oregon, but we have also had a lot of wind. It's been a warm wind and I have to say, I like it. I would miss the wind if I moved from Troutdale! Sadly, the trees are almost bare now.

It's been a busy week with labs, blood tests a and another doctor appointment this afternoon. I hope she can adjust the BP meds again and I have several other things to discuss with her. The presidential election was also a BIG thing this week. This threw me off with my attempt to get back to blogging. I am learning to just take things as they come and do what I can, when I can. Not an easy task for me. So, I decided just to post a few photos around my house of things that I really like before November and fall are gone. Maybe next week, I will be able to return to my weekly posts with more of a plan...maybe not, who knows!

I like scarecrows and I leave this little quilt up for the entire fall season. I didn't make it but have always liked it.

This little guy is one of my favorites and I have had him for a long time.

Of course, I adore my Thanksgiving teapots and china. I have added to my collection for many years and love my turkey plates. I mix and match a lot of different Johnson Brothers patterns.

I have had the pumpkin teapot when I had my store...Holiday Card Shoppe. I think this set of turkey salt and peppers came from that time period.

The vintage salt and pepper set mix well with this look.

I have always loved this little pumpkin pitcher...I actually have another smaller one, just the same. I'm not sure what they were originally intended to be used.

I found the small teapot for my collection last spring. It's just a cute little one cup size pot. I've had my turkey pie bird for many years. He's always happy to join the fun in fall.

I also love vintage postcards and place cards. Maybe I can share that collection in the future.

Well, just a little tour of a few of my treasures.

I want to thank all of those who stopped by during Stephanie's exchange reveal. What fun to visit new blogs and meet new people. Thank you also to all who have kept me in their prayers along my medical journey. Thanks for your patience as I try to get back to blogging and visiting your blogs!

Have a good weekend and remember all of those who have served our country. 


Stephanie said...

Good morning, dearest Linda! Oh, how I love stopping by for a little visit...and it brings me great joy to know you are doing better - praise the Lord!

Your pumpkin tea pot is just too cute! And the turkey salt and pepper shakers look perfect with it.

Have a blessed weekend. Much love to you!

Denise said...

My Dear Friend- So pleased to open My computer and first thing I see is Your post up on blogger.I do hope and pray Your feeling healthy and happy. It's been a busy week for Me too, babysitting and watching My husband GLUED to the TV for weeks now.I'm glad He's happy now.I'm not a political person and it doesn't mean too much to Me (Compared to Him ) so for 39 Years He gets two votes, I let Him fill out My voting pamphlet.Your home is warm and pretty as usual.I don't know if You remember but I have the same mix of dishes as You. Lots of brown Johnson Brothers.Talk to You soon. Blessings-Denise

Szara Sowa said...

I very like Your turkey and other Thenksgivins items. We have not that tradition.
Have a blessed week.

Bernideen said...

Oh what a beautiful post Linda. My favorite is that brown calico teapot as I have never ever seen one like that! Lovely. Every photo is a delight!

KimM said...

Lovely post, Linda. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your collections - stunning. I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm happy we got to meet each other through Stephanie's teacup exchange.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope all went well with your visit to the doctors and that your medication can be adjusted to make you feel a little better. I really enjoyed our little tour around your Autumn and Thanksgiving décor, a joy to see. Take care.

Kaisievic said...

Oh, Linda, you have such gorgeous November/Fall decorations. Your home must look lovely. I am a new follower, I hopped over from Kim's blog.

Nancy Carlson said...

Wonderful fall theme treasures! I am so glad you shared! OF course my favorite is seeing your beautiful collection of dishes and teapots! I am still praying for better health for you! Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving!
HUgs, Nancy

Kim said...

I have loved wandering through your home looking at all your Autumnal pretties. How lovely it all looks. You have some wonderful pieces there. I, for one, would love to look at your postcards. Praying you have a lovely week, Linda.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Linda,
Such a pretty Autumn vignette! The pumpkins are so pretty with your lovely tea stuff. Thanks so much for sharing and hoping you'll be feeling better soon.


Love the JB dishes! I hope the doctor's can get your BP medicine correct.

Susan said...

Lovely post, Linda. Love your treasures-----all very festive. Hope you are feeling MUCH better soon. All the leaves are blown off the trees here, too. Today was very windy. Oh boy. November marches on. Take care, dear friend. Susan

Sandra said...

Wonderful Fall decor and so many nice Tea Time beauties. Displayed so lovely.

Debbie Harris said...

Hello sweet lady~ how lovely to stop in for a visit and see all your pretties.
What a darling pumpkin tea pot and those turkey salt and pepper shakers are the cutest little things. :-)
Have a blessed week~~

Debbie Harris said...

Hello sweet lady~ how lovely to stop in for a visit and see all your pretties.
What a darling pumpkin tea pot and those turkey salt and pepper shakers are the cutest little things. :-)
Have a blessed week~~