Sunday, April 24, 2016

What a week!

WOW...this past week was sure not what I planned last Sunday! We needed to watch our little Otto 3 days, so on Tuesday, I brought him over to our home for a change up. It was really hot, 85+ for a few days. It's too early for that kind of heat! At least it is for this grandma! He ran around the backyard chasing bubbles and balls and we all had a great time. He's getting so little monkey man. He is a funny one who loves to make Gma laugh. I can't believe he is almost 3 years old already.

Then on Wednesday, my dad had a dental appointment. Jim took me to the play gym with Otto and then took dad to the dentist. We had no idea he had to have 2 teeth removed and 3 roots cut out. Poor guy. He needed a lot of care and sure couldn't be left alone, so Jim and I took turns for the next 3 days going over to be with him. He is doing really good now and will have to heal for a couple weeks before he has to have more work done.

I missed posting my  Tasha Dolly Thursday post with my Thursday finds too! Just too busy. This is the doll I posted on my Tasha group. She is Mary Lennox from the Secret Garden book. Tasha Tudor illustrated the book. It's one that is so available, I think all Tasha fans own a copy.

She was put out by a company called Kids-At-Heart. I have read in the past that there were problems with the production of the dolls and they didn't make them very long. Mine is fine. I had an opportunity to buy her at a very good price and my Tasha friend told me to buy it!

I recently found this book for my Tasha library at the Cellar Door books in New Hampshire. We got to visit John and Jill who own the shoppe last summer. I has never seen the book and it is just wonderful. A great and fun addition filled with all kinds of fun crafts and recipes...lots of tea time recipes.

 Friday was also the full moon! I didn't take this photo and couldn't find the person who did take it. This month is the full pink moon. I love this photo of the moon and our beautiful Mt Hood. We often call the mountain, Old Dad Hood! I get to see this mountain everyday.

I do hope this next week will be a bit more quite...but who knows! 

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mamasmercantile said...

Hope you dear Dad is on the mend. Sounds like busy times but such fun I am sure looking after that gorgeous Grandson of yours. Take care.