Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #110

Slipping in here before the end of the day with a Tea Time Tuesday post! I worked today, so am a bit late with my post. I am helping my friend Sandra price things for an upcoming estate sale. It's one of the things on my bucket list! I have always wanted to work an estate sale!  So, I am having a cup of tea and a little treat to end the busy day.

I was having a difficult day yesterday. My mailman brought me a wonderful package! My Tasha Tudor friend Nancy, sent me some yummy tea, a darling and thoughtful card and a darling little hand embroidered kitchen towel. The teacup is a new one I just found last weekend.

Isn't it just so pretty? It's Made in England by Foley. I think it's just so perfect for spring with it's soft colors and delicate flowers.

So before the day is done, I'm enjoying that Chai tea, a Madeleine and a bit of chocolate! I have just a bit of time to read my Southern Lady magazine before bedtime.

Hope you had time for a cup of tea today. It's chilly tonight, so a cup of tea and a fire in the wood stove feels just great. 


mamasmercantile said...

We have lit the stove and put the heating back up the weather had been so strange here, sun, sleet, hail and snow all in one day, peculiar! We are avid tea drinkers anyway whatever the weather but we have treated ourselves to hot chocolate. Thank you for your heartwarming comment and I am so glad and honoured that you consider me a friend. Take care.

Bernideen said...

What a darling teacup Linda and the tea towel is soooooo cute. I have gotten behind on the magazine reading though - must catch up soon. It was spring here when we moved and now remains in the 60's-70-s every day. I have been outside as I know how hot it will be getting come June!


Pretty tea cup. That is a nice day when a package is delivered. Enjoy.

Jan said...

Love the teacup! I'm glad you had a nice relaxing cup of tea...and enjoyed your afternoon. Thanks for stopping by today. Yes, I've been accomplishing alot on that garden wall - and yet, alot of work remains! It will keep me busy for quite a while yet.

janice15 said...

It has been a bit silly on the weather side here few days back a beautiful couple of days. Then in the morning lovelt few hrs later wind so strong and then cold. The next morning same thing. The third day was calm in the garden then drizzle thirty mins later pouring rain then sun then windy cold then sun. So confusing. You teacup is lovely Linda. And the adorable tea towel is lovely. I always have tea first thing in the morning and one in the evening. And I adore The Southern Lady magazine enjoy. With love Janice

Susan said...

All so lovely, Linda. Hope you have a delightful weekend and that you have fun at the estate sale. Susan

Debbie Harris said...

Your teacup is darling! I would have loved for you to do the estate sale for my parents just over a year ago. We had such a horrible experience, even had some things unaccounted for. You would be wonderful at it Linda.
It was so nice having you come for a visit, I have missed seeing you!
I had to laugh at your comment about your pie crust. :) Let me know how it goes should you try my recipe.

Much Love~~

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful teacup and post! Thank you for sharing. :) God bless you!