Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quilt Show

After bible study on Thursday, my friend Nancy and I zoomed off to see her quilting guild's wonderful quilt show. This is Nancy taking a picture of the quilting on this king size quilt. She is a great friend, my quilting buddy.

Nancy is a long arm quilter so it's so really fun for me as she shares so much about her craft. I wouldn't know much about long arm quilting. Quite a few ladies in her guild are also long arm quilters. Their work is amazing.

You can see all the detail in this close up of the larger quilt.

This was the cutest quilt done by her friend. A mama giraffe and her little baby. It was a winner!

I liked this quilt. It was a take off on the days of the week dish towels. Just charming.

Cute and spring like little birds!

This one was all hand applique. I loved the bright colors and the whimsical houses.

Wool quilts are becoming more popular in the Northwest. This was just one pretty.

Lots of detailed hand work on these wool quilts.

Nancy took this class with one of her friends. Her friend won a blue ribbon for hers.

Now this quilt is a vintage quilt and all the work was hand quilted. How lovely.

I couldn't believe this work...sweet little birdies! Enjoy the rest of the fun quilts.

Nancy and I are going on a retreat at the coast on Sunday with our quilting friends. There will be 16 of us! Almost ready. 


Kim said...

So many beautiful quilts. The quilting is amazing. I can't really choose a favourite, but I rather love that sweet mama giraffe and her baby.

mamasmercantile said...

The really was a feast for the eyes, such a wonderful and varied selection I couldn't possibly pick out a favourite. Such a great show. Take care.

allthingzsewn said...

Wow, some beautiful and inspiring work. Just how many ideas did you come hope with?

Denise said...

All of them so gorgeous.Take care on Your fun filled trip blessed Lady Linda.I think I've mentioned this before and did a blog about it a long time ago concerning My Mothers quilt.It was made in 1931 by 4 sisters,My Great-Grandma and Her 3 sisters. They were all seamstresses and made the twin/or double sized Bonnet Girl for My Mother's birth. I inherited it.It was used too much and is now falling apart. I would love to take it apart, wash it and have it remade into pillow slip covers or a table cloth. I know You have tons of quilting friends,if anyone is up to this job let Me know,I will pay and send it in the mail, washed and taken part.Love Denise