Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tea Time Thursday # 98~ A Tea Kettle and Some Dolly Fun

It's been a busy day but I still want to post my story for Tea Time Thursday before the clock strikes midnight! The new fridge was delivered today so we are thankful! It was a smooth delivery, but a lot of work! What a way to get you fridge all cleaned out-LOL!

I wanted to share this small little cast iron tea kettle. We had it for sale at our show and I was SO HOPING it wouldn't sell, as I really wanted to keep it. It's so sweet and it's small. It's made of cast iron and is in good condition.

A tea kettle is used to boil water for tea. The water goes from the tea kettle to the tea pot! I am not going to use this for making will have the honor of gracing our wood stove and just be charming.

As I love doll and miniature things, of course, I have collected a couple sweet doll kettles.  This one is quite heavy and is also made of cast iron and the top opens.

This one is quite charming too. It's made of tin.and the top comes off too. It is a favorite of mine.

I also got to keep these vintage sugar tongs. They just fascinate me. They just have a special look.

Thursdays are a  special day on my Tasha Tudor group. We call it Dolly Time and it has become a day that I really look forward to! So, you might be seeing some dolly stories on Tea Time Thursday now.

This little doll is a little old lady who just looks very wise and as my friend LaVonne said, she probably has some yarns to spin. I named her Hannah. Her face seems to be made of clay and  she has white wool hair . Her dress is made of silk.

Hannah has stocking legs and little fabric shoes.

Her book is a carved wooden Holy Bible. It looks well worn and I'm sure Hannah know a verse or two.

She sits on a different chair, but this sweet dolly chair was a great find in Vermont on our summer trip.

If it wasn't so late, I would be putting a kettle on for a nice cup of tea!


Denise said...

All so nice and fun to read about.You made Me giggle a bit when You said You had hoped the kettle wouldn't sell so You could keep it. Love Denise

mamasmercantile said...

I smiled at your comment about the hoping the kettle wouldn't sell too. It certainly is a lovely tea kettle perfect for popping on the stove. I use one on my stove for making tea and a toasting fork for tasting crumpets, it is a great very old fashioned way to do afternoon tea that both my husband and I enjoy.

Lady Jane said...

Love the first tea pot. Perfect place is on the stove. The doll is fantastic. I want one, lol... I also like the placemat with the little quilt heart. So cozy... Hugs, LJ

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

OH Lady Linda, what a doll sized kettle collection you have! Just adorable! So is the doll, the chair and that worn Bible! Glad the kettle and tongs didn't sell so you could have them!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


Szara Sowa said...

Fantastic tea pots. Hanah is adorable. Have a good weekend.