Monday, January 4, 2016

Freezing Rain and Ice!

 The beautiful snow of yesterday, turned to freezing rain and ice all though the night. Schools were closed and the people of Portland and the suburbs were asked to stay home. I was glad to do just that! I was supposed to help my dad pack up his Christmas, however, I didn't want to drive. We live in an area that has a lot of wind that keeps the temperatures down, so it takes longer to thaw out. I live about 22 miles from downtown Portland. Portland is a city of lots of hills and the town is split by the Willamette River. That means lots of bridges and which equals lots of traffic problems when the ice hits. Jim got out late this afternoon to take my Etsy orders to our local post office. We have another threat of freezing rain tonight...not as much moisture...but still more ice! UGH.

I have to say, it sure is nice being retired. Jim ALWAYS had to go to work no matter what the weather was. He was a pharmacist and everyone NEEDED their meds. My retail shoppe also had a contract postal station with PO boxes, so I always had to open the store for the mail.  My shoppe was about 17 miles away and I remember a few snowy days that took over two hours to get to work. Yes, I had to cross one of those bridges and often big semi trucks just couldn't make it and would block the freeway. I don't miss those days at all!

Since we were stuck at home, we decided it was time to take down our Christmas trees and decorations. We made a good dent in it. We had a nice tea time treat this afternoon. We were gifted a box of Walkers mince pies. What a yummy treat. I just zapped them in the microwave for about 20 seconds and they were perfect.

I love the snowflake design on the top of the little pies...perfect. That shine on the plate was from the sunshine that did peak through the window this afternoon.

Another chilly wintery night. I am so thankful for our wood stove. It sure keeps us warm. I am hoping that I get over to dad's tomorrow. I will be babysitting on Wednesday and back to bible study on Thursday. I am going to be patient and just finish up my home as time allows. My goal is to be all done by the weekend. 


Bernideen said...

Dear Linda:
You sound just like us. We joke every day and say things like "why don't we just close today and take the day off"? Then we laugh and say "oh wait - we're retired now! Especially if it snowing out! Then we really get into it!

mamasmercantile said...

Your post made me smile. Both my husband and I took early retirement and we both often say we don't know how we found the time to go to work with all our hobbies filling our days.

Tierney Hogan said...

hang in there with the bad weather! I love the snowflake biscuits - yum, now I am craving them!