Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sweet Patsy Joan...An Act of Kindness

Last Saturday, this sweet little doll came home to our house with Jimmy. He was at an estate sale and the lady had it in a brown paper bag, waiting for him! A few weeks ago, we saw this little miss at a sale and I was tempted to buy her. She was just a little spendy for her condition for resale. I really hesitated and hated to let her leave her behind, but I had to walk away.

The owner of the sale remembered that I really liked the doll and she didn't want it to end up at a Goodwill, so she saved it for me as a gift. I was really thrilled and surprised!

She is so sweet, even in her condition. I am very happy to add her to my dolly family. Her name is Patsy Joan and she was made by the Effanbee company in the 1930's. She is a composition doll, her eyes open and shut, she has eyelashes and is 16 inches tall.

She still has her little identification bracelet. You can see her bad little thumb in this photo.

Baby needs some new shoes! Here's have seen better days!  She could use a new dress too.

I found this photo of an Patsy Joan in an original box with her original outfit. Mine has brown eyes, but this one has green eyes.

This Patsy Joan has quite the wardrobe...all original outfits.

I did find a lady who sells patterns that would be so charming. I may have to get this.

I still am so amazed to have been given this sweet little doll. She is a charming little miss. 


LaVonne said...

So fun! She now has a good home.
This same thing happened to me with a pair of vintage drapes at a cool sale in Livingston. I had gone over there for a 90th birthday party and my car stopped at a sale. This woman had a pair of 70's drapes that I am SURE my Aunt Ida made back in the day. That's what she her basement. That's where I learned to sew. Well, I didn't get them, but ran into the woman at the antique show and she said, "I am so glad I ran into you, I want to give you those drapes!" So....she has my info and owns a business in Bozeman, so we will connect! Fun, fun, fun!

Jane said...

I have a Schoenhut doll from approximately the same time period. I made her a dress from the Mary Frances Sewing Book. Very cute. :)

Rosetta Di Leo said...

Bellissima la tua nuova bambola!Ciao,Rosetta

Deborah said...

I love her she is adorable!

Bee happy x

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: I really like your new doll. She's lovely. A great purchase. A treasure. Keep in touch

Lady Jane said...

She is just adorable Linda. Too bad about the thumb. I wonder if doll hospitals are still in existence. All she needs is tender loving care. I don't collect dolls but if I did I would want her part of my collection.

Vee said...

It appears that Patsy Joan has been well loved. She is a sweet gift and you will certainly love and enjoy her.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Always enjoy seeing your collections, Linda and this new doll is amazing.
Have a lovely day,

Nikki said...

I LOVE baby dolls. :) I have a little collection of them. So happy that you were blessed with such a sweet gift. I think it was so thoughtful of the lady to think of you!

Kim said...

Oh what an adorable doll. How perfect that she should now live with you. She really has the sweetest face.