Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

Good morning blogger friends. After a very stormy Saturday, the day promises to be calm and a bit dryer. I came across this quote by Mother Teresa and it really hit me. I love to smile~it makes me happy. I have been pondering these words...a simple smile. I worked in retail for so many years so I understand the impact that a smile can have. When I'm out shopping, I have many opportunities to share a smile with someone. How about that tired mom with the crying baby? That grumpy old man could benefit from your kind smile! I might bring a smile to a busy working mom or that business man who is late! My favorite person to engage is the checker. I always ask how their day is going and try to strike up a conversation. It's like a game to get that checker to smile.

We welcome a new month today. November is a great month to focus on being thankful. Share that smile this week! Have a great week.

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Susan said...

Hi Linda....November is, indeed, the month of gratitude. While we should always be grateful, in every month, November gives us an opportunity to be reminded of it.

Our grandchildren are sure high up on the gratitude list, right? They are such gifts from God.

Hope your day has been good so far. Susan