Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

Good Sunday morning blogger friends. I trust that you had a nice Easter Sunday last week and time to reflect on it all during this past Easter week. Our family had  a very busy week  but we are all well and safe and happy. I have several friends who are dealing with health issues and difficult family issues. So many to pray for this upcoming week. I guess that why I chose this lovely photo with great verses. I especially like the last one. We get so crazy busy in the world we live in....sometime, we just NEED to BE STILL and know that God is there and He is in control.

Have a good week blogger friends. I am off to a quilt retreat soon and will be gone until Friday!  Pretty exciting with lots of projects I hope to get done! If not, what a great opportunity just to be with friends.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you're right. There are many people with health problems and economic. We always pray for the solution of problems. Keep in touch

Debbie Harris said...

Hello Linda, its good to visit with you today.
Those are lovely thoughts to ponder on and a beautiful photo to go along with them.
Yes, so many hurting people in many ways that we all have in our lives. Such a caring post and reminder to continue praying for the needs of others.
Enjoy your quilt retreat, what a blessing to spend it with your dear friends.

Love and blessings, Debbie

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, how true dear Lady Linda - we need to be still in knowing God loves and cares for us!
What a good God He is!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful encouragement with us this Sunday!
Hope you have a blessed and beautiful week and that you have a special time with your sweet quilting friends!
Much love in Christ,

Stephanie said...

Good morning, my friend, and happy Monday! I have been enjoying your Sunday posts and the blessing of encourgement that you share with us.

May you have a beautiful week. Love to you!