Monday, April 27, 2015

Barbie Fun!

Barbie...just the name brings back a flood of childhood memories! I was 10 when I got my first Barbie doll for Christmas. I didn't think I liked Barbie the first year when she was new. By the second Christmas, I was hooked! This is my original Barbie suitcase. I always took care of my dolls and when my girls were little, we only took down my Barbie things from the closet on special occasions. That was a the best way to keep all my doll things in good condition. My mom made some of the outfits and I do have some of the first official Barbie clothes. The only thing that somehow has disappeared is her shoes! My girls swear they never took them, so who knows

Here's a look inside my suitcase with my second Barbie with her bouffant hair do! I had dark hair then and my sister was a blonde, so I always got the dark haired dolls.

When I was playing Barbie with my granddaughter Ava, I discovered that my suitcase was really packed full! I go to lots of estate sales, so I was on the hunt for another smaller one. I found this single case and Jimmy negotiated a great price for me.

This is my original pony tail Barbie. I did get a blonde one...hum...maybe they weren't making the dark haired dolls yet. This case is great for her evening gowns.

I was at flea market and found this classic round Barbie case...yes, I had to get it. It was in such great condition and I always wanted a round suitcase.

More dolly clothes! Nothing is swished now! I never really valued MY dolls from the past until I started going to doll shows and realized just how old my dollies are! Goodness! Anyway, I am trying to take good care of my dolls now I have a sweet little Miss Revlon doll that actually was my favorite. She's about 10 1/2" tall and my mom made most of her outfits...that will be another blog post.

Thanks for sharing my doll post and I hope you have a great week ahead.


Debbie Harris said...

O boy, does this ever bring back memories!
You certainly did take good care of your dolls, good for you.
How wonderful that you found the round case you always wanted.

Joy to you! Debbie

mamasmercantile said...

Amazing, all those beautiful clothes. A really impressive collection.