Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidents Day with Abe and Mary

When I was in grade school, President Lincoln and President Washington each had a day in February that was a holiday. Now we celebrate President's Day. I am a total Lincoln fan and I am always looking for interesting Lincoln items. This is a photo of my latest Lincoln "gatherings". Some were found at sales and some were purchased at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois last fall when we were there for my mother in law's funeral.

This framed print came from an estate sale last summer and cost me $5. I really like it even if it is not in perfect condition. The frame is, white and blue!

I was able to pick up a few new goodies at the museum shop. This is a greeting card and on the back is the recipe for one of Lincoln's favorite cakes.

I love silhouettes! I wonder if this was set with George Washington? Another little estate sale find.

This next item is a little wooden souvenir book from Gettysburg. I picked this up at a flea market for $1. It has great postcards inside.

When I was choosing my treasures from the museum, I got in a delightful conversation with one of the volunteers. She asked me if I liked to read when I was looking at some of the books. Of course I told her yes. She showed me these two books. The first one is a novel and I am almost finsihed reading the book. It's an historical novel told by Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker, who had been a former slave. It is an easy read and delightful.

The second book is about Mary and Mrs Keckly and is not fictional The volunteer told me to read the novel first. She said they match up pretty well. Fun.

  I wanted to include my cup and saucer, on which I did a blog post a few years ago. It is a reproduction of the Lincoln's presidential china pattern. The museum used to offer them for sale but I had to track one down online. It's such a pretty pattern.

 I was so excited to find these little civil war miniature love letters and photos! LaVonne sent me the two miniature Lincoln books. Even Annabelle likes Lincoln.

If you are ever in Springfield, save time to go to the Lincoln Presidential Museum. It is fantastic.
When we were visiting, they told us they had just changed the policy and I was allowed to take pictures in certain area, without flash.

These next two photos show displays of where Lincoln's body was after his death in Washington DC before it traveled by train back to Springfield. It is so dark and quiet and you just get such a sense of how it must have been walking into that room in 1865.

One of the reasons I love anything "Lincoln" is because Jimmy grew up in Springfield, Illinois~Land of Lincoln. Most of his family is lives there. Isn't this a beautiful picture of the State Capital? That's actually Jim's brother's car. It was such a pretty early fall day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Sorry George, I just know more about Abe!

How do you picture Lincoln? This is how I think of him in my mind.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Springfield, Illinois is a great city. I liked reading this information. Keep in touch

Valerie said...

What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed looking at your collection. =) I love Carl Sandburg's biography of Lincoln. It is just simply fantastic.