Friday, October 4, 2013

First Friday Tasha Tudor Book Review~Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts

Good morning on this beautiful Oregon fall day! It's the first Friday of the new month of October and time to review another Tasha Tudor book. This book is about Tasha and her lifestyle, so it's a bit different from my other reviews. I have always enjoyed this lovely book and it just seems so fallish, so the perfect book for today.

It was published in 1995, New York, Houghton Mifflin, and is 10 13/16" x 8 7/8". There are 152 pages to delight you featuring all kinds of heirloom crafting that Tasha enjoyed. I do think it's funny that she didn't like the word "crafts". I tend to separate those who are artists and those who are crafters.
I don't have a problem with that as we all have different talents and gifts. I'm a crafter and love it and that's just fine. I do think of Tasha as an artist.

This book will show you Tasha at work with her many crafts. The photography is by Robert Brown and it is just breathtaking. So many wonderful pictures to drool over! His work is lovely.

Of course, you will get to read about her doll making and her marionettes. She also made little animals out of various materials.

Homemade beeswax candle making. What a chore. She did make her own soaps and lotions.

This is a favorite picture of mine. Here she is holding her little letters from Sparrow Post. So cute and a part of Valentines with my dolls and their friends across the USA.

Of course, I would have to share a picture of Tasha quilting. The book has fun pictures and information on her sewing. Can you imagine making your clothes from vintage patterns?

You will also find pages on Tasha's gardening, cooking, dyeing, spinning, weaving, just to mention a few fun things.

The book is written by Tovah Martin. She is a gardener herself and is still writing. I found a cute story of how she first met Tasha. She was working at Logee's Greenhouses in Danielson CT when Tasha pulled up in a pickup filled with beehives. She was there to exchange the hives for baskets. It would be fun to learn how she connected with Tasha as an author. She has done other work with Tasha which I will save for future reviews.

Do note that this is a lovely picture book about Tasha and her life. If you are looking for a book to tell you how to make heirloom crafts, this really isn't the book for you.


Christine Crocker said...

Good morning Linda, from frosty Deerfield Farm~

Thank you so much for such a lovely article to read this fine fall morning. It's perfect for today.
This is one of my very favorite books about Tasha. I learned to dip candles from this book. I've made it a yearly get together with my grandchildren and any family who wants to dip candles along with us.
I hope this finds you enjoying your gorgeous fall morning as I am~
with love from your Oregon friend,

Susan said...

Hello Linda....That looks like a lovely book on Tasha. She was quite a remarkable woman, wasn't she?

Fall has arrive here in the east although it's not bitterly cold at all. Lovely sunny days and cool.

I think rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, though.

Take care and thanks for sharing. Susan

Maureen Wyatt said...

I would love to read that book. What a timely post since just today I joked with someone that I thought I was turning into Tasha Tudor!

Bernideen said...

I love all these books about Tasha Tudor and know she influenced my garden with my love for foxgloves. I am sure you have watched the u tube videos of her.

Denise said...

Such a warm cozy Fall post.I agree this book is perfect for this time of Year and yes I also think of Her as an artist.Hugs to You

Denise said...

Such a warm cozy Fall post.I agree this book is perfect for this time of Year and yes I also think of Her as an artist.Hugs to You