Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Last Retreat at Piece Lodge.....

This quilt retreat was planned over a year ago in January 2012 and little did we know, that this would be our last retreat at Piece Lodge in Brush Prairie WA. Cathy and Dave Moldenhauer are selling their beautiful home and are ready to retire from the quilt retreat business. They have delighted us with their hospitality and home and while we are so happy for them, we are so sad for ourselves!

So this is Tierney clutching a basket of goodies. Her charming friend Betty Anne helped her make some treats for us from us-pin keeps out of Pendelton wool scraps.

We each got to choose one...pretty fun!


This is mine...pretty in pink. Thank you ladies, very thoughtful.

When we met last year, we decided to have a quilt exchange. We all had over a year to finish those quilts but somehow, everyone was scrambling at the last minute to finish them up! Such is life, heh?  I was really touched when we had the discussion about how many of us had ever been given a quilt....I hadn't. Quilters are always making quilts for others but no one actually gives us quilts.

This is the batik quilt that Barb made for Debra. Isn't it beautiful? Debra was thrilled!

Kathy made this arty quilt for Tierney. Tierney has moved into art quilts, so this was a perfect quilt for her. Love the colors!

I couldn't get a good photo of Tierney jumping up and down for JOY when she saw her quilt. She was SO excited!

This is Judy showing off MY quilt! I love the holidays and she made me this lovely Christmas quilt. Of course, I don't have a picture of me accepting it as I was taking the pix! The funny thing is that we were together last summer in a quilt shop and I helped her pick out the fabric! I had NO idea! I love my quilt.

This is Debra's quilt for Kathy. Very sweet and bright and colorful.

Lots of hugs that night!

Cathy has been so busy with getting the house ready to sell, so she offered Barb a quilt that she had bought at an auction. Of course it was so beautiful and Barb was happy! She had her choice too and she chose this one.

These two girls had us in tears! I love how Lisa is wrapped up in the quilt that Tierney made for her in this picture. Lisa has had breast cancer and the quilt that someone made for her during that time is falling apart and she had packed it away. It had hearts on it. Tierney didn't know this, but made Lisa a quilt with lots of hearts as her heart is so big! Then Lisa told us the story about her other quilt and of course we were all grabbing for the Kleenex box!

This is Lisa after she stopped crying...

Lisa has a quilting machine that does amazing work. She made Cathy this wonderful wall hanging. We were all drooling over it!! We were glad that she had Cathy's name as it was a very fitting good bye quilt for her. Don't you just love all these hugs???

The masterpiece!!! Just amazing Lisa. I love all the colors and I know it took you forever but what a great job.

I got a great start on my baby quilt for my soon to be here grandson! They love retro and storks. Found the fabric on line. I better get going as Otto will be here in July!

Cathy is a fantastic cook! Oh we will miss those gourmet meals!

Some of us did do the Jelly Roll race. Here's our friend Shirley, we all call her mom. She is a sweetie!

Love this picture of my friend Judy....bliss.

This is the way Judy usually full of life and just a kick in the pants.

Barb looks pretty relaxed....having fun. Love her purple quilt.

Our last meal together in the great dining room. We sure are happy and relaxed. Is there anything better than quilting, friendship and good food?????

Time to say good bye...sniff sniff!

Trying to say good bye.....

The gang....thanks Cathy and Dave for all the great memories over the years. We wish you the best.

I didn't get to show you Judy accepting my quilt as I was the photographer. She posted this picture after she got home, so here it is in her house. I think the pink batiks are perfect with her couch! Glad you liked it Judy.


janice15 said...

Wow sad its not going to be anymore but it looks like the last one went well.. I always wanted to learn to quilt..maybe one day..Have a great day with love Janice

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like the quilts. You do a great job. I see that these meetings are also very fun. Nice pictures and sad farewell. Keep in touch

Susan said...

Ohhh, that's too bad the couple is not going to host any more quilt retreats. But they've had a good, long run and deserve a rest.

Gorgeous quilts, Linda. So glad you were able to go! Susan