Monday, December 10, 2012

Thursday Evening....

After we finished up in Aurora, we drove south to Albany. We wanted to go to Orchard House and Pumpkin Hollow for an open house event from 4-8PM. We had never been there, but had I had read about it on some of my friend's FB pages and it sounded like something fun and something new. It was just getting dark when we arrived.

This is where I wanted to stay all evening!
Orchard House is the home of a very charming couple-Linda and Joe Harris. How gracious they were to open their lovely salt box style home to strangers.  We don't see too many salt boxes out here!

I loved Santa's suit draped over the bed with a vintage quilt....just waiting for Christmas Eve.

We were served hot spiced cider and of course, some Christmas cookies. They had a good attendance and everyone was enjoying the warmth of the house and the fire.  It was very welcoming to get out of the cold Oregon rain.

Linda was in the house greeting her guests and Joe was manning the little gift shoppe. They make a good team.

After visiting the house, we walked down the path to their little gift shoppe....Pumpkin Hollow Mill.
Very cute and of course, did a wee bit more Christmas shopping. It is so fun to shop at small stores! No malls for this gal!
It was time to head back to Troutdale, but as we drove on home, we found a great antique mall in Albany-open for Christmas shopping with extended hours! Perfect for Jimmy and me! We really were getting tired and hungry, so we did start back home. What a lovely, but different, St Nicholas Day after all.

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Linda said...

You guys find the most interesting places. That music box is wonderful.