Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chris and Angie's Fondue Party

Last Thursday evening, Chris, Angie and Ava invited us over for a fondue dinner party and gift exchange. We had so much fun! Chris is an awesome cook and Angie and him put on a wonderful dinner. YUMMY! Grandma Kathy was there too!
I  brought some English Christmas Crackers so we all had paper crowns!

Dessert! A delicious yule log cake. It was soooo good! Sarah Bernhardt Bakery is the best!

Grandma Kathy opening her gifts with a little help from Miss Ava. Kathy is a great grandmother. Thanks for sharing your beautiful granddaughter with us.

Ava and her daddy wrote a letter to Santa asking if he could come early this year. She wanted to have Christmas at her daddy's home first before she went over to her mom's house for the rest of her school break. That Santa was a good guy and was able to visit early!

Jim is getting a bit of help from Miss Ava too with our gift! Thanks so much to Angie and Chris for a great evening. Merry Christmas!

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