Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wishing You a Restful Sunday

Wishing you a restful Sunday! God gave us a day each week to worship Him and regroup. I know I don't always do that in my busy busy world.

I love vintage postcards and use them in my holiday decorating. Don't you adore the lovely home in the background of this one? There are so many wonderful Thanksgiving postcards. I think it was an occasion when people remembered their loved ones and friends. I know I find myself thinking of the special people in my life at this time of the year. I am giving thanks today for my friends. I so enjoy all my blogging friends! I never dreamed I would meet so many wonderful friends via blogging. What a joy!

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Susan said...

Hi Linda....

I love old postcards, too Yes, that house in the background is lovely. Would love to tour it and sit by the fire with a cup of tea!

Couldn't agree with you more regarding blogging friends. That's what makes blogging so darned fun! Yourself included! Susan