Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh So Much Fun!

I arrived at the Canby Retreat Center on Monday about noon! The sign was all set up showing us quilters the way to hours of fun! We stayed in the Riverfront  Lodge, a lovely two story building. We were very spoiled to have our own room complete with our own bathroom! The only hard part was dragging all our our "stuff" upstairs! Have you ever seen how much"stuff" quilters take to retreats?

This was the view out the huge window looking out over the Mollala River. The leaves were falling and it was just so pretty.

Everyone settled in and got to work. The room had great lighting and we all had plenty of room. We had 12 quilters in the group.

Our meals were cooked by a chef who is beginning a culinary school at the center. We had to walk a short distance to a nice dining room-decorated for fall.

On of our quilters, Jan, is scheduled for knee surgery next Monday, so she needed a ride back and forth!

After dinner it was back to work, some chatting and some treats!

Christy brought her snowman quilt to share! She just got it back from the long arm quilter.

Linda was so generous and brought 4 nice bottles of wine to share with us. This is how quilters relax!
Roberta and her cousin Nancy and Ina are having a great time.

Everyone jumped right in again the next day. Lots of creative ladies. It's always fun to see what others are working on.

Nancy was working on a great project using vintage blocks that her mother had done years ago.

The camp manager's son Seth was helping and came in to visit with all of us ladies! What a hoot! He was so funny ad looked at each project. He's talking with Ina here. Yes, he had LOTS to say. This is Ina's quilt.

This is my good friend Nancy-my bible study buddy. She's an excellent quilter and we stayed up way too late every night talking and sewing.

More Christmas projects! Have to get those finished.....not much time left! Here's a few pictures of my project. I was able to get the whole quilt top done.

It's quite large and I could get a full picture of the quilt top. It's nice a cozy. Hope I can get it long armed before Christmas.

Time to relax, so some binding and  look at some new magazines for that next quilt or project!

Jodi and her mother-in-law Stephanie were working on the most amazing quilt. They were making a wedding quilt for a family member. I took pictures from the balcony as the quilt progressed. It really was something.


Susan said...

Oh my GOSH, Linda. What a wonderful time you are having. Thanks for all the fabulous photos!

Those quilts are going to be GORGEOUS. Great job, you girls.

Thanks for sharing. Susan

Retired Geoteacher said...

Retreats are so much fun. Love the pics from yours.

GardenofDaisies said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the quilt retreat. How lovely to have so many friends to work alongside, and to have the floor space to lay out a large quilt!

romance-of-roses said...

Oh Linda this looks like such a fun time. All the quilts are looking so wonderful and yours is amazing. What fun to work with all the lovely ladies and all with the same interest. Blessings...Lu

Storybook Woods said...

How fun!! and such a great spot too. Beautiful quilts. You know how I admire you quilters xox Clarice