Monday, November 19, 2012

Stormy Weather

This is the music to play today! We are getting our first big winter weather storm today here in Oregon and the entire Northwest corner of the USA. Lots of rain and wind but on the warm side. A good day to stay inside and get some work done.
I sold my #1000 item this weekend on my Etsy site. I was so excited! I got all caught up on my orders but woke up to 10 more this morning. I am so thankful for this little FUN business. I need one more cup of coffee and then better get to work!
The girls wanted to go out for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It feels a little funny not to be planning and cooking. Should be fun...just being together is the best thing anymore.
Happy Birthday wishes to my niece Anna! Have a good one Ms Anna Banana! Love ya lots.
How are you plans coming along for Turkey Day?


Linda said...

It is really dark today and wet. I went out early to do my groc. shopping before it gets worse. It's hard to change traditions isn't it. I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Jane said...

We are going to a cousin of my husband's for Thanksgiving this year. It seems very strange. Hopefully not again after this year for a while. :)

Susan said...

Hi Linda! WOW! 1000 items sold! Good for you. I thought Etsy was just handmade items...But you can sell anything there?

You know, I've been selling a little bit on eBay for a couple of years but they, along with PayPal, take about half of any proceeds. Discouraging at times because I deal with mostly nickels and dimes, you know?

I'd love for you to share your Etsy experience with me whenever you have time. My email is Thanks, Linda.

Well, we will be 11 for Thanksgiving here, at our house. I am making the stuffing, turkey, gravy and turnips.Also providing the wine, rolls and coffee. My family members will bring cream cheese potatoes, salad, side dish and desserts. Should be lovely.

So no snow, huh? Just rain? I imagine we'll get snow eventually. (Ha ha That is an understatement.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear family, Linda. Susan

Deborah said...

Congrats on your sales sweetie, hope the weather isn't too bad for you :)

Bee happy x