Monday, October 29, 2012

Jim's Expo Show

We finished up Jim's show last night and he had another great exposition. He is such a natural at selling and loves the interaction with his customers. Here's a few pictures I took on Friday after we got everything set up.

Can you see the smile on old Jimmy's face here? He was actually talking with his buddy in Illinois about hunting!

I was really good while I was at the show, but did find one thing that I just needed to bring home.
It's a darling little doll bed complete with some antique linens. I think all it needs is an old doll quilt.
I'll have to look through my doll quilts!

Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast this afternoon. As I watch the news and special reports, it just seems so unreal. I have many friends who live on the opposite side of the country and I just can't help but pray for them all and hope they are OK. It's going to be a long night for them.


Suzanne said...

We made out okay! Thanks for praying:-) And so happy your expo was a success! Love ya!

Denise said...

The expo looks like so much fun,My kind of thing.Your so lucky Jim likes that kind of thing too.My husband is just not interested in anything vintage-buying or sales or even looking.It's My own interest,His are world events,besides others.Linda,I got My darling tag in the mail today from you.It's one of My favorites out of all I own.Perfect!You know how much I like little cottages.Thank you so much sweet friend-Denise

Susan said...

OMG, Linda. Your dolly bed with linens is absolutely adorable. Oh, I would have bought that in a second.

Wow, your husband's booth is so full of merchandise! Good for him to do that!

All's well here in western Massachusetts. New York and New Jersey got hit the worst, I think. The poor people must be still digging much destruction and water damage.

Take care, Linda. Susan