Saturday, October 27, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Another busy weekend at our house. Jim has a booth again at the Expo show this weekend. I helped him set up yesterday which is a bit challenging at this show. They let buyers come in for $30 for "early bird" shopping. It gives you another day to sell, but it's hard to work around people with your boxes all over! I'm getting better at it as this is our 14th show. He did well and we met so many fun people. He's on his own today and then I'll go back on Sunday to help break down.
The newlyweds came down from Seattle, so at least we got to see them for a few minutes and there was lots of hugging going on. They are so cute. We have missed them. Eric has to return home this morning, but I think Gina is staying another day, so maybe we can catch up.
I'll post pix later of Jimmy's booth. 

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Susan said...

Hi Linda...Oh, that must be so much fun to have a booth. But lots of work, too, I would imagine. That's nice you help your hubs.

Take care and have a nice weekend. Susan