Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Trip to the Miniature Show!

A few months ago, I ran into a gal I used to know when I had my shoppe, in the lobby of my dad's retirement home. We were so surprised to see each other and exchanged phone numbers. I recently received a phone call from her asking if I would like to go to the miniature show. I was excited and said yes! She met me there last Saturday morning with her friend...I had a great time with Miriam and Jeannie. The good thing about shopping at the show, your bag of goodies that you bring home is really small! Here's mine and here's the contents, minus some items that will be gifts for others!

Annabelle always sends me off for a list of goodies for her and I do have to do some shopping for her friends too. I brought back a few goodies for her fall decorating. She really loved the new tea set I found for her. Here's a few pix of her house ready for fall.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the new lamp on the table lights up. Her house is pretty dark, so she needs some more lighting. I will have to work on that. You know that Ms Annabelle likes to sew and do handwork. She was delighted with the sewing kit and the embroidery kit!

Ava, who is only 5, came to visit yesterday. She approved of all the new treasures that Annabelle had gotten. She liked the handmade little quilted pillow. Annabelle is a quilter you know!

Part of the fun when you go to the miniature show, is seeing the displays that members of the clubs make and exhibit. They are all well done, but some are really special. You get to vote for your favorite which we all found very hard to do. Here's a few of the ones I liked.

This was 1/4" scale, so it was very tiny! I am amazed at the detail when the scale is so small. An entire house!

I loved the four seasons, each in it's little turn around display. Notice the base of each one. I voted for this as my favorite.

I love Mary Englebreit, so you know I loved this one. Sadly, I didn't get a photo of the outside of the house. It was really cute.

This is for you LaVonne!

A sitting room and a sewing room. I had to laugh, as the sewing room seems to have spilled into the sitting room, as in real life!

There's always a tea shoppe. The pictures are a bit dark on this, but it was charming. I would love to do a tea shoppe.

The next display was in a vendor's booth and it was her special creation. I just loved it....filled with tiny toys of all kinds. She was very sharing and the building rotated, so she would turn if for us and allowed us to take photos.

She made the tiny doll in this little suitcase. It's very small but it was my favorite item in the toy shoppe.

I was waiting to buy something, and this young gal says, "Linda?" It was Angela who LaVonne and I met last year at the show. Her blog is on my side bar, My Mini Mania if you want to take a peak. She was there her mom and it was so fun chatting with them and catching up. She's so sweet and so is her mom. Isn't it fun to meet those who share something that you just love? Visiting with them just made my day. I did miss LaVonne being there with me...maybe next year.


Angela said...

It was wonderful to see you at the show! :-)

LaVonne said...

Oh what fun! I was there in spirit! Now I feel like I kind of got to go! Love the truck!
Hello to Angela and her Mama! You need to get blogging girl! ;-)

Susan said...

Oh Linda, that sounded like a GREAT day! Such fun. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for the photos, too! I LOVE miniatures. Take care. Susan