Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teacup Thursday # 59 and Off to the Deschutes!

Yes, another busy week! Jim and I are going over to the Deschutes River for a few days and we are so excited. We haven't been over to the Oasis for quite awhile. We get to stay in our favorite cabin...cabin #5. I've been thinking of our friends that we are going to get to see and spend time with this weekend.
Our friends Mark and Marni own and run the resort. We're excited to see their boys, Zane and Eli and their new bunny.

I had to work really hard on my Etsy so that I could slip away for awhile. Later this year I hope to have my cottage all set up as my studio and a good place to run my Etsy business but for now, I just have to organize my items so I can easily find my merchandise when it sells.

And once again it's time for Teacup Thursday! As I'm short on time, I thought I'd show off a little demitasse cup and saucer that a friend from the past gave me. It's so sweet and floral and I have always loved it.

I recently picked up this little tea book, just the right size for this sweet little cup and saucer. It's so cute.

I love this section and it's title..."My friends are my estates"....says a lot, right? I have a special rose that is blooming right now from another friend-Colette. She sent me a tiny slip of this rose and I babied it for two years in a coffee can. She rustles roses and collects them. It has been quite rainy today, so I had to snap this picture quicky! It's such a pretty color.

My roses are trying to bloom and the garden is filling it, despite the wet and chilly weather. I'm not sure where the sun has gone!

I found this sweet little cup earlier this spring at an estate sale. It's so delicate. Jim gifted me with this little bird a few years ago. He moves it all around and I never know when I'm going to find the sweet thing! Isn't this little "strawberry" pin keep darling too? It's made from an old linen.

Well, I need to get packing...the suitcases are waiting! Off for some fishing, friends and lots of fun. Have a great holiday weekend. Don't forget to remember your loved ones this Memorial Day weekend.


Goldie said...

lady Linda! I didnt know you sold on etsy! You should get one of those sweet etsy minis to put on your stite!

xinex said...

The tea cups are so sweet! Have fun on your trip!...Christine

Denise Adorian said...

Hi Linda,Thanks for saying Hello.I'm going to have to see if your friend with the cabin is advertising on-line.That would be a fun surprise for My husband.Have a safe and fun trip.I love all you showed for tea time.I enjoy Susan Rios art and books also.Your garden looks so pretty.Bye for now,hugs and blessings Denise

Linda said...

Lovely things. That strawberry pin keep is so cute. Enjoy your trip and your friends.