Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd

Jim and I went to visit Bev and Roy today. Roy did some restoration on a painting for Jim and I finally gave Bev the quilt I made for her in the summer! She wasn't feeling very well as she has had pneumonia
We took them an Oregon land grant as a Christmas present and had a nice visit. Bev had this doll wrapped up for me...a beautiful china head. Oh, how I love china heads. She made the dress for this dolly years ago. We had such a nice visit and she loved the quilt.
I think I'm going to christen her.....Miss Martha Elizabeth. Martha was one of the most popular girl's names during the Civil War and it was one of Mary Todd Lincoln's sister's name. Bev said she is a child and it was acceptable for her petty coat to show under her dress. Her china boots are fantastic.
Of course I wanted to cry given such a amazing gift, but she told me...."Don't you cry now!", so I tried very hard to keep the tears back. She has graced me with so many dollies. I have never had anyone give me such wonderful gifts....I feel so blessed and happy.
Thank you dear Bev. I will cherish Miss Martha Elizabeth forever.

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Antiques And Teacups said...

What a special treasure! She knew you would take good care of it and appreciate it. How wonderful! I hope your friend will feel better quickly!