Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Cards!

Jim and I like to save all our Christmas cards and mail until we have time to open them all together, so this morning was the day. How fun to have coffee in the tea room and just savor the cards and letters from our family and so many friends that we only hear from once a year. It was very sweet. The theme this years seemed to be aging parents and grandchildren. Life goes on.....


Kathryn Ross said...

Yes - I do love to receive cards - only wish I had the time to send them each year. I usually get around to it for Valentine's Day. You'd think that when the kids were grown and gone that there'd be time. I feel more busy now than ever! Such a nice custom to share with hubby in a quiet holiday moment.

Linda said...

What a nice tradition. You and your hubby seemed to do a lot of things together. That's great. I'm looking forward to the new year are you?