Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Veggie Garden...I'm a Newbie!

I was chatting with LaVonne via IM the other morning. It's so fun~kind of like my mom used to do with the neighbors over coffee when I was young. LaVonne and I have our coffee and type away! Pretty funny. Anyway, this post is for her. She has been so kind to encourage Jimmy and me to try some gardening this year and supplied us with lots of seeds! Despite our very wet spring and cool summer, we are getting some treats from the garden! It's been fun and we're learning. My handyman Duane who built our cottages also mows for me. He said we had the best tomatoes of all of his customers! Not bad for beginners. Of course, Jimmy would say it's because he's Italian. Ha ha ha!

So, this is for you LaVonne...thanks again! Can you see the little cukes coming?

A variety of tiny grape and cherry tomatoes. I like the dark heritage one the best but the yellow ones are really sweet.

Walla Walla very favorite!

A few peas....some didn't make it so we didn't get many-will do better next year!

Beautiful kale! Our Dutch friends said they love kale. LaVonne said to dry it and add it to soups.

Here's some more tomatoes for snacking.  The picture is a bit blurry...guess I was in a hurry to eat them.


LaVonne said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing your pics! I think that's Mary Todd behind your tomatoes, isn't it? Ask your Dutch friends if they make "stomput". It's cooked kale and mashed potatoes. A favorite of the Dutch here.

Angie said...

This looks great! Look at all your beautiful produce! Bet those tomatoes taste amazing. Great job!