Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Day with Papa and the Woolworth Display.

My dad has been asking my sisters and me to put up a Woolworth display in an empty case at his retirement home for months! I was waiting for my "teacher" sisters to be on summer vacation and then it was waiting for us all to find a good day to do this for him. We really had fun! I took some of my dolls and things I had saved from my childhood (Woolworth goodies) and my sister got his box of memories out of his storage unit, so we had a good amount of items for the case. It was so fun growing up in a Woolworth family and we sure had a lot of funny stories to share as we put up the display. Dad was happy-you can always tell because he whistles when he's content. I know he likes having his daughters around and his granddaughter Ms Maria was with us too. She's his youngest grandchild.
I had fun gathering my dolls. I love old dolls and it dawned on my this summer that the dolls from my childhood are 50 years old or older, so I think I should be taking better care of them. My mother sewed clothes for them and I have kept those too. They are treasures!
These are two of my baby dolls and some of their accessories that I've saved...yes, I'm a sentimental keeper who has a hard time parting with things.
This is my tea set from my childhood. It's made in Japan and only one handle is broken! Not too bad for years of playing and moving.

These are a few pictures of the finished product. We think it turned out pretty good and the residents will enjoy looking at dad's career and some history of all those years with the company. I still miss the days of the "Five and Dime"-many happy years gone by. This is my dad....know as JW or Papa! He looks happy.


LaVonne said...

Oh, Linda! Your heart should be full, as I am sure your dad's is and very happy! What a fun tribute for him to see too! As we both know, sometimes being a pack rat pays off! :-)
Beautiful. Makes my heart sing!

Rosetta said...

Che brava,che hai ancora le tue bambole!E' bello aver fatto felice tuo padre.Un bacio,Rosetta.Qui,in Italia,fa troppo caldo!

Linda said...

That was a great idea. What fun it must have been. Will it be able to stay there. I'm sure the other residents will get a big kick out of it. I'm sorry now that I didn't keep more. Ah well.

Angie said...

This is so great, Linda! I love this! I'm sure your dad loved having his girls fussing about and everyone at the retirement home certainly enjoyed looking at the display. What a fabulous idea. LaVonne's right-sometimes it does pay to be a pack rat!