Friday, March 4, 2011

Wishbone treasure

Last fall I found a pincushion sewing "thing" at an estate sale. Part of it was made with a real wishbone which held a thimble. Being attracted to sewing items and being more interested in folk art, I bought it. I wanted to show LaVonne when she came for her next visit as I knew she'd get a kick out of it. She raises chickens and collects wishbone dolls, so I had to share it with her.
When she returned home, she found something similar, but smaller on Ebay and bid. There was a small Frozen Charlotte doll in the thimble. I remembered I had a tiny doll in Annabelle's things and of course it took me all day to find it! Good Lord. Well, it went for a huge amount on Ebay. I guess I didn't realize how special the item was. Guess I'll give it to my friend someday when I'm done with it.


LaVonne said...

Give her a wee bit 'o wool to sit upon. She can't see out! :-)
I am reading Hitty, BTW!

Jane said...

Hitty was one of my favorite books growing up.