Friday, March 25, 2011

A Busy Friday

Another busy day of sorting and organizing in my little storage unit, my cottage, as I like to call it. So many years of gathering, retail stores, collecting, treasure hunting and yes, just being a sentimental pack rat! Now it's time to part with things and reorganize. What a job! I think it will take me most of this year to do it all the right way.
Duane our wonderful handyman built the two units in December. We originally just thought of them as our own storage units and a way to stop paying someone else to store our things. Once we saw how cute and nice they were, we started to change our focus. So I now have a place-a work in progress-that will become my little work studio. Duane gave us a bid to finish it off so, someday...
Once it stops raining, he'll sand the deck and stain it along with the fence.
Flowers in the window boxes?
As Duane told me one day when he was building them,"Linda, this is a gift for you from Jim."
Thank you my wonderful husband. What a JOY!


Jane said...

I love your work space. I can just see it all decorated up wonderfully, if your blog pictures are any indication. :) Work has been crazy busy, really long hours. Most of it will be over this next week though. Then it will be on to getting home things caught up and projects worked on. I can't take any time off though until at least after Easter and Elsie doesn't really have a free weekend (she works every other weekend) either until May. Maybe we can get together after Mother's Day?

Storybook Woods said...

They are very sweet and I think you could do a LOT with them. A whole nother space to get away!!! You do have the sweetest hubby xoxoxo Clarice