Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Antique show trades

Jim worked so hard at the antique show this past weekend and he sold sold sold! He is such a natural and God blessed him with a very GOOD show! I always help him on Sundays and take down his booth. He's pretty tired by then.
He was able to do some trading and I ended up with two dolls. I never thought I'd have a chance to own this type of a doll, so I am pretty excited and yet not quite sure about these babies. I can always sell them but I'm growing attached to them as they sit in the tea room! Roy was at the show and looked them over. They seem to be what they are supposed to be except that their eyes have been replaced. I'm not a purist, so that doesn't matter to me.
The one in white is dressed well with all her proper undies. The other one desperately needs better clothes, poor thing. Oh my, another project. they need names. I guess if I name them, I have to keep them!
I also found a beautiful little pink dress for the Parian doll that Bev and Roy so kindly gave me. She is quite happy but she also needs undies and a bonnet.
I found another Frozen Charlotte....a bit bigger than my tiny one. They are such funny little imps.
Jim and I spent the afternoon with dad and had dinner with him. He was down to his last undies so got his wash all caught up and Jim filled his meds for him. He sure was happy today.
Lots of JOY lately.


LaVonne said...

Doll undies, dad undies, you'd better be careful! You're treading in murky waters! :-)
The dolls are lovely. I always have to chuckle at those poor naked frozen charlettes! You tea room will soon be the doll/tea room! :-)

Lady Linda said...

Oh no, I just can't do that! Wish I could, but it's too scary!!!

Storybook Woods said...

Lovely trade indeed!!! xoxox Clarice