Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Special Day

Jim and I had a very special day with our daughter Angie yesterday. It was a belated birthday for Jimmy and a chance to spend time with Angie. What fun we had~a trip to the Goodwill bins and she found lots of goodies for her mid century mall space. It's fun to see what the young kids are buying and find interesting. It's always fun to dig! We hit a thrift store that she liked and then had dinner at Elmer's Pancake House! We were all hungry for breakfast and it was yummy.
We relaxed during our meal and had a chance to just talk about things and it was good. It's wonderful to have adult children who can offer very good advise now. I was sharing a difficult situation with her and she helped me a great deal. Your children know you so well and I guess I forget that sometimes. I thank God for the beautiful daughters He has given me. I cherish them.
Ang had some belated Valentine gifts for us. She gave me the most WONDERFUL pincushion book! I just love it....a treasure.
The wind is picking up a bit and there is talk of snow again. I am not excited about snow now...I'm waiting and ready for spring.

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Storybook Woods said...

We are blessed to have such amazing, giving daughters. It sounds like you had a special day. I loved the bins!! Clarice