Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Piece Lodge Retreat

A small detour to the Country Manor Quilt shoppe became my first stop on the way to the quilt retreat on Friday. So many bolts of fabric and a place to meet up with friends. A return trip the next day resulted in another quilt waiting to be made! Lisa helped me pick out the fabrics and we hope to finish it this year. The home was just lovely and Cathy and Dave are gracious giving hosts. Their home is a mini Timberline Lodge. Cathy is a wonderful cook and the meals and treats were endless. On Sunday, she had her friend Bonnie come and teach us how to make little quilt postcards. I really enjoyed the class as I have been hoping to learn this craft. Oh no, another fun thing to enjoy. We sadly packed up on Monday, ending a magical weekend. I enjoyed helping my friend Lisa make two little skirts for her little girl Becca-memories.
The weather was so wet and it just poured rain. I came home around the Sandy River and was shocked at the condition of the river and how high the water had come up along the bank. It was gloomy today and wet, but the weatherman is calling for some sun. I started taking some extra Vit D today. January has been a long and difficult month.
I have posted more pictures on my FB page.

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LaVonne said...

The sun will come out, your bottom dollar! :-) If not sunshine, then moonshine!