Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I came home from being with my dad yesterday afternoon, to find a package from Montana addressed to Jim and Linda. My dad was really sad and down about many things and it made me a bit glum. So, I was excited to find the parcel from my friend. We opened it immediately to find an entire box of JOY and SUNSHINE from a very caring and funny friend! LaVonne is a delight and a true friend, along with being a nuthead! The package was filled with yellow sunshiny things, comfort food, cheerful items, silly things, sunny gifts, and very clever items for Almond Joy candy bar, Joy dish washing soap, Laughy Taffy-even a sunshine light bulb to chase the gray days away here in dull Oregon. Unfortunately, Jim ripped open a wonderful chocolate bar (we're dieting) and gobbled it down so it's not in the picture.
So, my question it, how do you thank someone so dear for her friendship? I guess we'll just have to spoil her rotten again when she comes to visit....which is only a few weeks away.
THANK YOU ♡ THANK YOU ♡ THANK YOU ♡ my most fantastic wonderful friend.


LaVonne said...

Awweee, you deserve it! You sounded so blue in your emails and phone conversations of late, so I had to change that blue to sunny, lemon joy, sunkist YELLOW! It was really fun and all came together is just a short time, so I knew it was meant to be! :0)

fabraholic said...

Wow, that LaVonne is so clever and thoughtful! Hope your Dad cheers up soon.
Hugs to you my friend.