Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Icy winter night~

The east wind is blowing and the freezing rain is coating everything in sight. The streets are like an ice rink.The fire in the woodstove feels so good tonight. I do hope the ice will leave by mid day tomorrow.
I took dad to see his heart doctor again and filled his meds. I stayed for dinner and walked out of Russellville Plaza to freezing rain hitting my face. It was a easy journey home. I dropped Jim's items at the library and stopped for some milk and ice cream.
The holiday decor is finally all sorted and packed away. Such a chore this year. I had to push to get done so the car could get back into the garage with the bad weather.
I'm watching Pride and Prejudice. I'm afraid the warm fire is going to send the Sandman in way too early.
And so winter continues.....

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