Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cabin Fever...Winter of 2017

Cabin has settled in big time today. After my last post, it just dumped snow Tuesday night and into Wednesday. We had an epic snow storm here which resulted in the governor declaring a state emergency. Schools and businesses have been closed and the road are still difficult for driving anywhere. There is another wind advisory posted for tonight. The temps have been kept down in the 20's so we just can't get rid of this snow and ice.

These are pictures of the snow late Tuesday night. It just piled up at about an inch per hour .

The wind was blowing so it didn't pile up as easily...but most of Portland and the suburbs ended up with about 10-12 inches in that short time!!! Unreal.

Jim's car was getting buried and you can't see our driveway.

Here we have a shot at our cottages and the backyard Wednesday morning.

Wednesday is our day to babysit Otto. That sure didn't happen. His mommy sent a couple of great photos. He just LOVES to play with his cars and trucks....even in the snow!

He looks pretty happy playing in the snow. Mommy and daddy got to stay home the rest of the week.

The snow stopped falling and Jimmy got out to dig a path down to our cottages. He was trying to work on his items for the upcoming antique show, but things just we going against him and he actually has canceled. We are to get tons of rain after this cold spell and he just can't get his things over from storage and it's going to be a mess trying to set up on Thursday. I think he is relieved to just let this one go. The next show is the first of March and that really isn't that far away.

Here he is out front shoveling away.

This is my Mary Englebreit book that LaVonne sent me for Christmas...WINTER. it is very cute and runs from Christmas through St Patrick's Day.

I had to laugh at chapter 4...Cabin Fever! Oh yes, how true.

I have had a lot of time indoors. I decided to spend some time working on healthy dinner recipes.
We have had turkey meatloaf, yogurt chicken and turkey stroganoff. All were good. I have some recipes that I used in the past in this little book when I was on Weight Watchers. Now that I am on a low sodium diet, I have to eat differently. Some of the recipes were ok to keep, but others had to go. I will use it for new recipes now.

I did make Jimmy a small batch of blueberry muffins and some chocolate chip cookies. I only ate one cookie. I had time to bake too.

A couple years ago, I bought a cutter quilt. I used it to make Christmas stockings, runners and a tree skirt. I was sorting through a few things and found the rest of the quilt that I hadn't used. I decided it was time to cut it up and be done with it.

I was able to get many large hearts and some tiny ones for dolly cards. It was fun to work with some fabric.

I am not sure what I will do with them...I have a couple ideas I am working on. It's been fun to have some time to be creative again. Plus, I am feeling so much better and have more energy now.

My miniature show was cancelled today....another day inside. I started watching the Cranford series on cable. I have never seen the entire series. I also started working on some hexies. I like English paper piecing using the glue gun system. I had ordered these precut pieces and the papers, so got them all glued and ready for a few projects. There are 52 pieces. I also cut out and glued 14 more pieces in a different grouping of fabrics for another pin keep. I really love making these. These are 3/4" pieces.

We still have lots of snow and ice after 4 days. Jimmy took a little fall yesterday on his way to the mailbox. He is taking it easy today. Luckily, nothing was broken and he didn't hit his head.
The east wind is blowing so hard again tonight and we are under another wind advisory for the night.
You can imagine how much wood we have been using. I am so thankful for all the wood our good friends the Pietzold family gave us this fall.

I just hope it all ends soon. The weather man is keeping a close watch on things as we transition out of this Monday evening now. We may get more freezing rain. I am longing for spring. 


mamasmercantile said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow. I loved the photos of Otto having so much fun in it, nothing phases little ones. We were forecast to have heavy snow but it lasted about 10 minutes and disappeared as quick as it came. Take care.

Kim said...

Oh my much snow. How difficult for you all; no wonder you have cabin fever. How cute is Otto playing with his cars in the snow. Children love snow, don't they. You sound so much better, I can hear it in your voice. =) It's lovely to see you creating again. Those hearts are cute and your hexies are beautiful! Hope you have a lovely week, Linda....try to stay warm!

Homeschoolmom said...

You certainly put your "snow time" to good use! Your pictures are wonderful.
We had some snow down here that hung around for a couple of days, but certainly nothing like you have up there. God bless and keep you!