Monday, July 18, 2016

A Visit to the Troutdale General Store

The other day I went down to my favorite store in my little town of Troutdale....the General Store.
It's a great place to find a little gift, get a cup of coffee or grab a sandwich. I've known the owners for years and it's just a fun place to stop in.

I was buying my items and the owner Jodie asked me if I had been downstairs. She said she had just finished decorating and wanted me to see it. So I popped downstairs and walked into this! I was amazed. It was like a fairy tale land. I took a few photos to share on my blog. I think she should win an award for her work. It took her 4 months to finish it all!

I love the gold and silver Christmas and the neat sign...PEACE! It is sooo pretty!

You have to have some snowmen to welcome in the holidays. Cute little guy.

I adore fall and was really happy to see her presentation. The sign pointed the way to more fall goodies.

Turkey time, pumpkins and sunflowers!

 I love crows! This little miss was so cheerful and I sure wanted to take her home.

I'm not as fond of Halloween, but lots to look at here too!

A bit of Love is in the air! Happy Valentines Day!

A wee bit of the Irish for some magic! I'm thinking I would like a little white tree for the other holidays....

And of course, don't forget the Easter Bunny.

I really wish you could see her holiday room in person! It's so amazing and so magical. 


Szara Sowa said...

Wonderful and funy place. I love that easter bunny. Have a nice week.

Kim said...

What a unique and amazing room. So many pretties for one's eyes to feast upon. I love General Stores; they always have so many interesting things to look at....and buy.

mamasmercantile said...

Now that is my type of shop, what a great place to look around. I LOVE it.

Stephanie said...

Oh my, I can see why this is your favorite store in Troutdale. There is so much loveliness to look at and must be easy to spend hours in there :)

Wishing you a joyous day. Love and hugs!

janice15 said...

O linda, it looks magical. I would love to be there in person to see all the pretty things.. Thank you for sharing. With love Janice

Susan said...

Linda, that is my kind of place. That Easter bunny would come home with to sit in the yard year-round! Your friend did a fabulous job decorating. What a great place! Thanks for sharing. Susan

Tierney Hogan said...

How wonderful! I want to visit the Troutdale General Store! Might have to come visit you just so I can shop there ;-)