Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Treasures

Last Saturday, I went to another doll show. This will be the last one until summer. I found a few treasures for sure and a couple ladies I know want me to join their UFDC doll club. I'm a bit nervous about that. I guess I will have to attend 3 meetings and see how it all runs before being accepted. Hummmm. They meet once a month.

I didn't find any vintage dolls that I fell in love with this time, but I did find this most wonderful Mary Engelbreit Madame Alexander doll called Cherry Girl. She looks a bit sad...I hope she becomes more happy once she is living in my craft cottage with all the ME things. she is a cutie.

My photo of my goodies didn't take too well...the sun in the afternoon in my craft cottage makes for tricky photography.

I found some more little tin dishes that I like! I will sell these. The one set is Mary Had A Little Lamb. Love the red colors.

I have sold some of this pattern before with the little kitten. I think it's a favorite with collectors.

This single cup is probably a keeper. It's not in great condition, but it is fro Pinocchio.I have never seen it before.

These sweet little antique doll cards were only 25 cents each! Had to have these for my dolly friends.

Two sweet little pink luster plates for my dolly's pink luster tea sets. You always need extra plates for tea time.

I couldn't resist these fun heels from the 50's. They are in great condition.

This is my favorite find. I'm going to use it by my red chair in my cottage as a little end table. It's child size, so just the perfect and fun fit.

Linking up with Bernideen'sBlog Party. She has moved and is getting all settled in her new home. Congrats Bernideen!


allthingzsewn said...

Cherry really does have a wistful expression, but I agree she will cheer up with her surroundings. How could she not?

Debby Ray said...

Oh...those little plastic high heels! I remember being SO jealous of my neighborhood friend. She had some and my mom would never let us girls get any....wonderful memories of a simpler time!

mamasmercantile said...

Sad face maybe, but not for long now that she is moving into your cottage and bestowed with love. A great find.

Szara Sowa said...

Cherry is beautiful doll. I have only one M.Alexander doll - Pussycat.
Have a nice week.

Susan said...

Oh Linda, how totally adorable Cherry Girl is! Love her. All the Madame Alexander dolls seem a bit sad, don't you think? Oh my, all your little cottage must be sooooo sweet. Thanks for sharing. It would be DANGEROUS for me to join a doll club. I mean, the mortgage might not get paid. hahahaha Hugs. Suasn


What a sweet addition to your collection of dolls. I think I have one of the little kitty plates. They are so cute.

The Victorian Girl said...

I'm seeing some things there that I REALLY like! The Anne of Green Gables doll, the red tin dishes and my favorite too, the red sewing machine. What brand is it? I have a red Kay-EE Sew Master (also have it in green and pink). They're just too adorable to pass up!

Stephanie said...

Oh my, this was such a darling post, my friend! The doll is simply precious and the perfect addition to your collection.

Love and hugs to you!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a precious little doll, Linda! I have a little 'snow' globe with the 'Life is a chair of bowlies' scene inside. My daughter looked like the little girl and had the same hair cut as a child. I bought the snow globe for her, but she left it behind for me. You found some darling little dishes and the sewing machine is wonderful. I hope your doll club is a fun adventure! Hugs xo Karen

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Linda, Such sweet and wonderful finds! I like the tin doll plates, just precious! The doll cards are neat too, as is everything!