Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tea Time Thursday~#104

Oh, what a busy week and I find ourselves at Tea Time Thursday! The week has been filled with setting up Easter at my house, doing the same for dad on Tuesday, watching Otto on Wednesday, squeezing in my Etsy orders, setting up a Tasha Tudor group Easter Tree Ornament Exchange and off to bible study this morning! I kinda of crashed a bit this afternoon. Tomorrow we set up for the Expo Antique and Collectible show which runs this weekend. I just wanted to have a cup of tea and think this afternoon! I found these very spring mugs at Tuesday Morning and fell in love with them. So, today it was tea in a mug!

I have to say, I love the colors of both mugs and the little birds. Do you see the little dragon fly on this one?

The pink one is sweet too. I think the little bird looks like a chickadee....but a different color.

I LOVE Punch Studios notes and stationery. I owe my Pen Pal letters, so thought this might inspire me to write! I do love to write but when I'm in a busy pattern, the letter writing gets put on the back burner for a bit!

This is a lovely illustration by Tasha Tudor of an egg tree. Years ago, our Take Peace Tasha group, decided we would make Easter ornaments for each other. The first few were so small, so we all made each other an ornament. Our group has grown and now we have to do a one on one exchange! It's still fun. I do treasure all my ornaments and the tree is filled with sweet memories.

Look at my treasure I found today! I just couldn't resist and it HAD to live on my tree with my Tasha ornaments. I got the last one...sigh. I would have loved to send them to my tea friends.

I had to get a new tree this year. My last tree was a real branch and it just got crushed and broken over the years. I was delighted to find this one at a sale for $2. It works nicely. Enjoy a few pix.
I was reading about Easter egg trees last night and the Germans were the first to enjoy them. So thank you Germany for Christmas trees and Easter trees!

I have been enjoying my teapot necklace again. My dear friend Wilhelmina made it for me and I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. I need to get a photo of me actually wearing it so you can really get a good look at it.

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Phoebes World said...

Easter is my favourite time of the year for colours. Im a real pastel girl. I love your decorations...they are so pretty. I'm just starting to get my home sorted too. Thank you for sharing
Phoebe x

Bernideen said...

Dear Linda:
Oh how cute your tree is. I think your group must be great fun.

janice15 said...

So sweet Linda, I lobe bunnies of all kinds.. Happy Weekend with love Janice

mamasmercantile said...

I love the mugs such beautiful detail. Your trees are looking wonderful, I am doing mine this afternoon. Such a wonderful time of year.

Szara Sowa said...

You were indeed very busy. I am admiring your Easter treasure. I didn't know that the Easter tree came also from Germany. Of nice weekend with your gems.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

You have been a busy bee, my friend! Your tree is really cute and I love your teapot necklace. The mugs are adorable! Such sweet colours and those little chickadees are darling! Tea or coffee would be lovely in either one. Thanks so much for sharing with us and enjoy your day.


The Victorian Girl said...

Your Easter tree is so cute! I saw a picture of an Easter tree in a magazine one time that was in a historical home (can't remember where). They had a replica Easter tree that had little American flags, tiny baskets and Victorian Easter scraps. Instead of the tree being white, it was a little green one like a Christmas tree.
Where did you find the bunny in a teacup ornament? I sure would like to find one.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Linda, I didn't know the Easter tree dated back as far as the Christmas tree, wow! I like the illustration of the Easter tree and I like your new tree that replaces your other one. Such cute ornaments and eggs you have on it!
Have a great weekend!

Lady Jane said...

I love your Easter tree... And your necklace is so sweet... Hugs, lJ

Stephanie said...

My dear Linda, forgive me for being so late to visit you, but 'tis better to be late than not come by at all, right? :)

Oh my, the little bunny in the tea pot is darling! And those mugs are truly stunning.

I greatly appreciate you sharing your wonderful posts with Roses of Inspiration. Have a lovely week! Hugs and much love!