Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tea Time Thursday #90

WELCOME OCTOBER! I love the month of October and I wish you a Happy Tea Time Thursday!

I have been busy this past week and haven't had as much time to blog as I did last week. Jimmy has been gone for over a week playing mountain man with old time friends from Illinois. I have had lots of time to clean and decorate and work on my Etsy a bit. Of course, I have had to cover his babysitting, so have had extra shifts with my little Otto.  My dear friend LaVonne is coming to visit and that was motivation to get everything clean and the house decorated for fall.

I had to drop off some items at the Goodwill and so I popped in to see if there was anything interesting. I was good, but did find this really pretty poppy teacup and saucer. It is hand painted, but I couldn't find a signature. It's so pretty and just looked like fall.

It's marked Bavarian and is now living in my collection! I decided to have a cup of tea and look at my photos from the quilt show last Thursday. I finally have a bit of time to post about the show.

I so want this little light up house at one of my favorite booths at the quilt show...someday!

The work on this quilt was just stunning. I was sad that it didn't win a ribbon. The quilting was amazing.

This simple quilt just appealed to me. It's more modern, but I liked the colors and the simplicity.

Wool quilting is in in the Northwest now. This quilt was very well done and just sweet. Again, I liked the colors.

These bright and colorful quilts aren't my thing, but I do enjoy looking at them and so admire the work.

My photo of this quilt really doesn't do justice to this quilt. It was amazing. The following photo will give you a better idea of the work on this one.

I liked the technique on this one. The wiggly lines between the blocks are acutally small piece of fabric, sewn over to the side. It really presents an interesting look.

Here's another look at a fantastic quilt with great color!

The circular quilting just made this quilt. It sure looks like gears turning. A prize winner for sure.

Can you believe this quilt? WOW WOW WOW! This is a great use of new and old! I just love the boarder.

Another temptation!

My friend Nancy taking a phone photo of these fabric flowers. My other photo of Nancy and her SIL didn't turn out...sigh.

Velvet beautiful.

The perfect little Janome sewing machine for some lucky little girl...Hello Kitty!

Although machine quilting is really becoming quite an art, I though it was funny that so many of the booths were featuring wool quilting that has more of a primitive look! It is very appealing to me, so this is what jumped into my bag!

I have given this needle minders to most of my friend, yet I have never gotten one for myself. I finally found one i especially liked. I got the very last one.

I don't think this will get done this year, but it will be fun to work on for next fall.

This is a whole kti for a table funner. Again...a fun project.

I should be able to finish this little goodie. It'a a simple pincushion. This will probably be the first project so I can get into my wool projects. I'm excited.


mamasmercantile said...

Wow, so much to look at I had to scroll down twice, I just loved looking at the beautiful quilts from the quilt show, what a delight. I loved the velvet pumpkins perfect for the season.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wow! You had a fun time. I love the velvet pumpkins. Your poppy teacup is so pretty and perfect for this time of year. I don't see too many poppy teacups so I figure you found yourself a treasure! Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing with us.


Stephanie said...

The Hello Kitty sewing machine is just precious! And those velvet pumpkins...gorgeous!

Happy October, my friend. I hope this month is extra beautiful and special for you. Love you lots!

Debby Ray said...

I love the tea cup! I never get lucky enough to find teacups at the did good. Lovely, lovely quilts. I have made several velvet pumpkins, very similar to the ones in your post...they are so fun and I collect pumpkin and squash stems wherever I can find them :) Happy October 1st!

Kelly Deal said...

What a pretty tea cup! Those quilts are amazing, looks like a great time!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Linda. The quilts are gorgeous. Now see? I LOVE the brightly colored ones the best. Everyone is different in their tastes. Your teacup is lovely, too. Susan

Denise said...

Linda, I love Your special find at Goodwill.I get so frustrated at My Goodwill because I very seldom find nice cup and saucers that match.Maybe I should just start mismatching sets right there in the store-oh that sounds like fun. Speaking of fun, I'm glad You could make it to the quilt show.You know I can't quilt or even sew but I appreciate owning them. My all time fave out of the ones You showed Us is the first one, how gorgeous it is.Love Denise

Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

Lovely pictures from the quilt show!! But I really loved the beautiful tea cup you found!! That was a really good find!!

God bless

Anonymous said...

Linda, I'd love to go to a quilt show one day! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Love the teacup! Have a wonderful evening!