Monday, June 29, 2015

Vermont...Here We Come!

2:00 AM is a very very early time to wake up! That's what time we had to get up to be ready for our ride to the PDX airport for our early morning flight to New Hampshire! It was so hot all night, miserable, and we didn't sleep much. Our nephew Markie was so kind to give us a ride to the airport.
Our flight to O'Hare was on time and it was a really smooth flight.

We fly into O'Hare often, so we are pretty familiar with it. It's a big airport, but pretty easy to navigate. Our flight to Manchester, NH was on time and all was well.

The weather was cloudy and it was a turbulent flight towards the end....ugh.

The Manchester airport is small and we got our luggage~all 3 bags arrived safe and sound. Our rental car was waiting. We never could get on the route we wanted to Vermont, so we just gave up and had Helga (the GPS on our phone) guide us in!

We are staying at the Holiday Express in Brattleboro VT for a few days of sightseeing. The Tasha Tudor Garden, HomeTour and the Gathering will be on Wednesday.

The nice lady at the front desk told us about the Marina restaurant. The good was soooo yummy. We met the managers...Lori and nice and so much fun. They got us a map and told us all kinds of fun places to go in the area.

We were so tired, I'm not sure how we made it though dinner! We went back to our hotel and fell fast asleep! A great start for our vacation!


mamasmercantile said...

Have a wonderful time.

Sylvia said...

Vermont is one state I would love to visit! I hear it is beautiful, but then I think America is beautiful everywhere! Enjoy your trip.