Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Concert at Dad's...An Evening With Friends!

 My long time friends MJ and Molly, met me last night at Russellville Plaza for my dad's spring concert...."Another Opening Another Show". My old high school buddies are so sweet to go and visit my dad and they wanted to attend his spring concert, so we met for dinner before and had so much fun telling stories! We heard a few good ones from my dad that I have never heard! Lots of laughs all night.  I love this photo as it shows how happy everyone was last night. My friends have known dad for over 50 years!

 Here he is with his group....Blending Voices! They all just enjoy the songs and performing. They sing old classic show tunes and we were talking how we just know most of the songs. I don't think kids learn songs like that anymore.

MJ took the next two pictures and sent them to me...pretty cute.

This is Dottie who plays the piano for the choir. She charmed us all with her solo..."Let's Do It' by Cole Porter.

And this is my dad's good friend Marilyn who is the leader of the gang! She is so funny and had fun with this number..."If My Firends Could See Me Now"!

Here's my crumpled program so you can see the selections of songs. It was such a fun evening. Thanks so much MJ and Molly for joining dad and me.


Susan said...

Oh, that looked like a fun evening, Linda. Is your dad in an assisted living facility or nursing home? Looks like a spirited bunch! Susan p.s. Thanks for all visits.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

So, so sweet and so, so nice. So thankful he has a loving daughter like you!

mamasmercantile said...

What a lovely evening, spending it with friends and your Dad. Creating some lovely memories to treasure. Some great songs.

troi50 said...

So glad I got to go! It was a great dinner talking and laughing with your Dad, and then a great show! Found myself humming and then singing "Catch a Falling Star" through most of the next day!