Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #55~The Holly and The Ivy

I imagine that most of you are enjoying listening to all kinds of Christmas chorals these days. I so enjoy Christmas music of all types. It just seems like such a very  short time that we get to enjoy these beautiful songs. A few years ago, I paid attention to THE HOLLY AND THE IVY and fell in love with the charol. I have to say, it is one of my favorites. Maybe part of the reason is that I just love holly!
When choirs sing this lovely tune, it's just lovely, but I have to admit, I really like to listen Bing Crosby's version.

As it is Tea Time Thursday, I thought I would share a few pieces of my "HOLLY" collection of Christmas china.My main Christmas china is the traditional Spode pattern, but I think it's fun to find other designs to enjoy. This cup and saucer belonged to my Grandmother Smith. She had a tea cup collection. I never saw her drink a cup of tea, but the cup and saucers lived on a shelf in her front room. People would give them to her as little gifts. I think it's funny now that I just thought it was kind of an old lady thing and I really didn't pay much attention to them. When she passed away, all of the granddaughter received a teacup. I was given this one. It's a Royal Albert and I really like it. I have found 2 others now and am on the hunt for one more. It's just old fashioned and I adore it now.

The tea cup is called Holly.

This is a sandwich plate that is a favorite of mine. It's really lovely and has some of the words from the song. I got it when I had my card and gift store~Holiday Card Shoppe years ago. It is marked 1995 Made in Britain. The company is Portmeiron.

I really like my December teacup. I like the delicate holly graphics. It's called CHRISTMAS ROSE and part of the Bouquet of Month Series by Golden Crown.

Saturday is St Nicholas Day and our Tasha Tudor group will be having an event. I hope to have a little tea again, so pop back by to join the fun.


mamasmercantile said...

Delightful Holly themed tea time, I love the sandwich plate it is exquisite.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The holly themed china you have is pretty and could likely be used during the winter season beyond Christmas.
I wish I had paid more attention to patterns when I went with my mother as a young girl to baby showers etc. and the teacups were all laid out.

Stephanie said...

Good morning, my friend! Oh, how I would love to have a cup of Christmas tea with you :)

Lovely post! May you enjoy the weekend. Love and hugs!

Ruth W said...

One of my favorite carols. I love your china of course!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Beautiful holly teacup and plate! A joy to have tea with, I'm sure! Merry Christmas!