Sunday, December 7, 2014

St Nicholas Day and A Tasha Tudor Exchange

What a happy day I had on St Nicholas Day yesterday! I got to organize our Tasha Tudor ornament exchange this year for December 6th. Our group has a lot of new members and it has been a real JOY.These new people have really given us a renewed interest in Tasha. Most of us are dolly people, so I chose Tasha's book A DOLLS' CHRISTMAS as our theme. I also asked the participants to package their gifts in a cone or cornucopia as Tasha used for gift giving.

Tasha began her Christmas season on St Nicholas Day~December 6th. As my birthday is Dec 8th, I have chosen to celebrate it on St Nick's Day. It's just a really magical day for me.

So, let me take you back in time a bit. I decided to use cardboard cones for my cornucopias and found some great ready made ones at the craft store. I painted some red and some pink. I had so much fun making these that I decided to send little ones as thank yous to those who participated.Yes, sometimes I just get carried away.

I used scrapbook papers to cover part of the cones.

Yes, I love Tacky glue. I don't know how I would do crafting without it!

I added pipe cleaner handles and filled them with tea,candy canes, little miniatures and a candy.

I made little tree with spools. I also used LaVonne's wool for the snow look. I always like using her wool for my projects.

Here's the finished larger ones that were for my main exchange partners. I tried to match up the look with the likes of each person.

I mailed them off with a note not to open until December 6th. I think the members all actually did wait for the big day.

This is a beautiful paper cone that is from Victorian days. I have had it for a few years and it's so pretty.

This is what's under my little tree in my tea room. It's always fun to pretend there's a little girl waiting for Christmas Day.

 The cabinet next to the tree is my dollhouse. I wish it was a bit larger, but I do love it and love that it has a door that can be shut.

Annabelle set up her side board with a few new items! I love the tidbit tray. Looks yummy for her tea.

My dad started out with breakfast out with Chris, Angie,Otto and Jimmy at Multnomah Falls. Then Jimmy and I stopped at a couple historic homes. It was a fun day. I will blog about it a bit later. When we came home, it was getting dark and I fixed a tea for us. I love having tea when the day is slipping away and candles light up the room.

After tea, I opened my gift exchange boxes. This one is from my friend Jan in Kansas. She made the cone out of a vintage doily. It's so pretty and I love it. It was filled with a dolly, tea, a mini and chocolates.

Thank you so much Jan!

My other gift partner Heather sent me this darling assortment of goodies. She said she struggled  with the cone, but I think it is wonderful. I love the small box that was filled with the most darling tea set! How perfect for me! Thank you dear Tasha friend.

LaVonne sent me a fun cone as part of my birthday gift. You will have to see the rest of the gift...just fantastic. Thanks LaVonne.

 Jimmy also gave me two signed Tasha books for St Nicholas Day. He is always so sweet and makes the day perfect.

It's very late and I should be  asleep, but I am still so happy an so blessed to have such sweet friends.


mamasmercantile said...

Wow, what a wonderful day and exchange. The cones you made were exquisite a real delight, perfect to fill with treats for an afternoon tea. Happy birthday.

Sylvia said...

How blessed you are! What a great idea, the cones are so pretty and filled with goodies too. Have a very Merry Christmas, Linda!

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

You have such a beautiful post today; so many wonderful things to look at. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. You did an excellent job on your cones; so nicely decorated. I loved everything.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous presents. Great job. I like very much. Keep in touch

kitty said...

Oh Linda,
First of all, Happy Birthday to you! Your darling gifts, inspired by Tasha Tudor, are just too cute for words! What a lovely exchange you were part of. I'm not sure who had more fun, the givers or the receivers??!! Your tea looks perfect at the end of the day and Jimmy giving you signed Tasha Tudor books takes the prize! What a sweetheart he is!

Ruth W said...

How fun! I love the gifts you made. And what a special thing to do with family for a special day as well! So glad you shared the photos! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Terri said...

Oh my! What a lovely Christmas post! It is a pleasure to visit you today. I hope you are well and I can see you are enjoying the holiday season! lol! Your T.T. exchange is amazing. What a lovely idea. All those sweet cones!
Happy holidays!

Susan said...

Oh my GOSH, Linda. Everything looks so lovely and festive. Immense amount of work, too! Great job.

Love all your decorations. Adorable. Susan p.s. Thanks for your visit.