Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tasha Tudor Day and Tea Time Thursday # 47

Happy Tasha Tudor Day to all my Tashettes and Tasha friends! Her fans have chosen to celebrate her life and her work on this her birthday~August 28th. I love that it is also Tea Time Thursday so I have the perfect way to have some fun. I usually treat my Jimmy to a special tea on this day, however, he is away flyfishing. I also had my sweet little Otto over night, so I really couldn't do anything big this year.
Last year we were in Montana and LaVonne has a tea for me on her porch on the farm. It was just magical and I wish we could have been together again this year. Ok, back to this year....

The Tasha Tudor family published this and as you can see, Tasha would have been 99 years old today. Next year is the big 100th year of her birth. Yes, we should plan something very special.

Here is my little tea I had for myself with Miss Annabelle. She brought a few tiny friends and her tea cart too. It just turned out to be a raspberry tea. I love raspberries.

I found a lovely herbal tea at my local Russian store. They have the most wonderful selection of different teas. Don't you love the pink color of this tea by Greenfield? It has a delicate berry flavor.

Fresh raspberries...yum! A wonderful taste of summer and a most welcome addition at tea.

A lovely raspberry scone, a raspberry mini cheesecake and a little lemon cake...just because.

On my first trip back to Vermont in 2007, I made a scrapbook of my trip so I would always remember the events and the friends that I made. It was really fun today to look back at that trip. It was the first time LaVonne and I met in person! What a delightful friendship that has become so very special.

I took a lot of time putting this book together. I even printed all the text. I am so glad I took the time to do this. It really was fun too.

I also was able to buy a darling photo album at the Rookery with a Tasha Tudor print on the front. I wish they still carried this item.

So I want to make another scrapbook to remember my trip this May. I finally ordered all my photos off my camera and purchased albums. I had hoped to work on it today, but I had my sweet little grandson over night last night and I didn't have enough time to start the project today. But, I have all the things i need now, so one day soon, I will start work on my new scrapbook and photo album.

I had another treat today when I had my tea. Our Take Peace group had a summer exchange to celebrate Tasha. Our moderator Suzanne drew names and we sent a little gift to the person to arrive by today. A good Tasha friend Nancy and I were gift partners. Nancy lives in West Virginia and we have know each other via the internet for years. I love my goodies and thank you so much Nancy! She does such nice embroidery work. The little purple item is a darling purple bird made from a gourd. It's just charming. The soap smells heavenly. Annabelle even got a chicken! I loved her note too~a keeper.

I can't let this Tasha Tudor Day slip away without mentioning this spring time addition of Doll News that actually arrived when I was back in Vermont. It is just wonderful and most of it is all about Annabelle and Tasha Tudor's dolls. It is a must have for your Tasha collection.

The magazine also featured a lovely article on Christine Crocker who is an Oregon doll maker, artist, who lives in Madras OR. She is also a member of our Tasha Group.

What a delight to see my doll featured in the magazine...Ladye Lydia Rose. She was a gift from my husband.

Lady Lydia Rose lives in my tea room. She does miss all her friends who live with Christine, so she wanted to send a message to them today.

I hope you found a way to celebrate Tasha Tudor Day with JOY! 


Marilyn said...

What a lovely celebration.
I didn't do anything this year, but think of Tasha and sip a cup of tea. Your raspberry tea was just so pretty. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Bernideen said...

This was so delightful and the photos are very fun. Thanks for all the work you put into this! Take Joy!

Marqueta G. said...

A happy Tasha Tudor Day to you! Yours was slightly more exciting than mine (we had a yard sale, then watched "Take Joy"). :)

Many blessings,


Martha said...

A lovely tea in honor of Tasha

Lady Jane said...

Glad you had a good Tasha Tudor Day. My goodness. 100 next year. That should be a big celebration.

mamasmercantile said...

What an amazing celebration, it all looks beautiful. Hope you had a lovely day and thank you so much for sharing both the tea and your lovely scrapbook memories.

Denise said...

As always I enjoyed reading Your post and looking at all the fun and lovely photos. I do want to make a new post the last week or so but it's one of those stuck in the mud times concerning My blog .I've been wondering for awhile now.....when You travel to meet like-minded friends from all Your groups, do You go alone or does Your Jimmy go with You ? Hugs Denise

Stephanie said...

Hello my sweet friend! Your tea today in honor of Tasha Tudor is just delightful :) And your raspberry tea looks very pretty!

Have a wonderful long weekend. Love to you!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous celebration. Great pics. For me the raspberry tea looks very nice. Keep in touch

Storybook Woods said...

Happy belated TT day!! Ahhhh, it just makes me want to sit in your tea room and enjoy it all (and I want to go to your Russian store). How amazing your beautiful doll is in the magazine. Well she is so perfect, everyone needs to see her xox Clarice

janice15 said...

You know I know of Tasha Tudor, but I really know nothing about her life etc. or really what she did I haven't a clue why I never looked her up.. I guess my life was busy with children etc... Your tea looks so wonderful and interesting and I love the doll.. I'm liking your scrapbook just found two lovely one's at the goodwill and decided to take Mama's old photos when I get a chance and fix them for my children to have.. Thank you for sharing and visiting.. with love Janice p.s. Happy Weekend.. much love

Cranberry Morning said...

How lovely! I would not have thought of Tasha Tudor if you'd not reminded me. I love her illustrations and have a couple of her books. She was an interesting woman. Your tea looks tasty!

Suzanne said...

Hello Linda,
Delightful post filled with nostalgia. How I wish I could see you again! Just back from VT and celebrating Tasha Tudor Day too--it was lovely :-)

Susan said...

Hello Linda...A most delightful post.

Everything looked great.

I'll bet your scrapbooks are totally awesome. Susan

Two Cottages And Tea said...

I enjoyed your post so much! Such a sweet reminder of Tasha Tudor and your scrapbooks such a treasure along with your darling dolls! Hope you have a relaxing holiday!

Christine Crocker said...

oh, how wonderful, Linda! What a beautiful Tasha Tudor tea for you and Annabelle and all the little ladies. I loved seeing the wee dollies in the tea cup~

Thank you, dear Lydia for your beautifully written note ~The Deerfield Ladyes and I all wish you,dear Lydia Rose, a very happy day and send our love. We miss you very much, but am so glad that you have the most delightful home and family to share your little dolly life with~

Thank you, Linda, this is so very lovely~

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a lovely tea in honour of Tasha Tudor's birthday, Linda! Love your teapot and the teacup is pretty too. The tea looks delish. Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful weekend.